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Being Over Prepared Instead of Doing It

It was interesting recently seeing the contrasting difference between someone who had a proven track record of making things into something big and someone who struggled with it. The task was to create a simple video of sorts where whoever gets the most exposure for a business wins the competition. Almost sounded like something straight from that Apprentice show. One person was super prepared as they researched the best items to use for the task as they want their end result to look professional. The thing was he spent so much time with this where as a result he didn’t really do anything.

The other person just got the basics and immediately and went to work as he tried to learn and correct his mistakes a he proceeded. It was neat seeing the more hands on approach and not knowing what to expect sort of mindset. I have often heard interviews where for successful people they immediately take action and then ask “what’s next” which can make sense. It’s almost like making a film where you can think you have the best quality and direction but you never know how people will react.

Maybe that’s what we need more of in our adult business life too. Have fun challenges like these where you don’t have time to prepare too much as you have to just do it. Example, getting out there and seeing who can sell a bottle of water first. Procrastination can often be the true killer as opposed to not having the money as an example to get started.

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