Being More Lenient With Regular Customer Price Matching or Not

Being More Lenient With Regular Customer Price Matching or Not

Today I was looking to buy a memory card for a person that asked where it’s usually cheaper to buy it online. It definitely was as in most stores the price was about $49.99 and in online stores it was on sale for $29.99. But rather than wait I went to one of my favorite computers stores where I know they have a price matching policy.

When I arrived they were happy to do the price match and just needed to verify stock and the price. There was an issue though as the product listed has a different part number even though it was literally the same product. Usually with online stores nowadays too you have to differentiate products sold by the actual company versus 3rd party sellers using it as a marketplace. But in this case it actually was from the official company.

As to why the part number was different I was guessing maybe it was the packaging such as how some have pictures of drones on it and some don’t. But the associate then decided since it literally was the same product and how I shopped there a lot he mentioned that he would approve it. That made me think where if you had a regular customer that did a lot of business with you would you insist in doing everything by the book where because the number wasn’t the same you would deny the price match? Or would you be more lenient considering it’s a regular customer?

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