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Being Exquisite For Memories When You Can’t Afford It

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I was reading this story today about a person who has recently proposed to his girlfriend for marriage. Of course, congratulations are in the air and the person did all of the traditional steps in proposing. The amazing thing was that the person is currently unemployed with no form of an income and yet I suppose for traditional sake he still purchased a ring that was well into the four figure range.

In scenarios like that I was thinking of the cliché train of thought where materialistic items shouldn’t matter that much. Especially if it comes at the expense of putting you into debt. I suppose you can argue that it is a once in a lifetime moment and so for the rest of the “ordinary” days you can just work harder to pay off the debt. It usually just doesn’t turn out that way though as one just seems to make the same justifications for similar scenarios.

At moments like that I think it is a better accomplishment where you can celebrate something together and then work your way in being able to afford the more luxurious items if that is your goal. The sense of accomplishment and memory will probably be just as good as you can see where you started and then where you are now. While realistically either way can work there just seems to be less risk involved by not spending too much if you can’t realistically afford it.

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