Being Each Other’s Shoppers
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Being Each Other’s Shoppers

One thing that is definitely helpful especially during these holiday times is having friends or family members that all shop in different areas of the city while keeping an eye out for items that others may need. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find better deals this way and people can buy things for each other if they see a great deal for an item that others may want.

For example, just today while looking for gifts I saw these items that normally retail for about $30 and for some reason they were marked as $9. As a result, I just sent out text messages to see who needed them and sure enough I ended up buying it to save money for all those that did want it.

That’s what I normally do on boxing day as well as usually we have fun where one person plans to go to one mall and the others elsewhere. It just increases the odds of finding better deals. Another great technique is having different sources. For example, I’m personally more of a digital person where I find most of the deals through online sources and updates whereas the other group has say people who work in a particular place and can inform them of sale items or perks that are not as heavily advertised normally.

This is even great for finding items such as supplies for business too. For example, knowing about the type of items that each one of us would normally need helps us save money in the long run. It’s great too at times where one person could have say access to a wholesale price list for technology items while another could have them for stationary items.

Pretty much a win-win situation. Almost like the general idea of leveraging too where there is more than one of you to help accomplish a task better and faster. It definitely prevents the “Why didn’t you tell me about that deal” situation as well that I’m sure everyone has come across at least once.

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