Being Absent On Popular Social Media Platforms

Being Absent On Popular Social Media Platforms

For an average individual there are many who simply choose one or two social media platforms to consume information as many just don’t the time and patience to scan through so many sites each day. But what about a business? Should you be on all platforms as your customers and potential future clients could be using different social media sites? That got me thinking today as there was an event coming up and I actually wanted to learn more about the company. Oddly enough, as they were an entertainment company they didn’t even have a presence on video sites such as YouTube.

They seemed to have opted for Meta platforms such as Facebook and Instagram instead. For a business I think it’s a mistake to not be on as many widely used platforms as possible. I guess the main drawback is how it requires more time and resources to manage so many different sites. But at the same time you could simply just post up the same content on each platform where there are even apps that help you auto public everywhere as well.

In that regards it requires very little time investment while increasing your ability to reach a wider audience.

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