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Being A Hard Worker Who Never Speaks Up

There were some news reports recently on how the local Chinatown area here has been neglected by the city as vandalism and an excess amount of uncleaned waste has made the area unappealing for people to go by to the point where many businesses that rely on foot traffic are suffering. Tax dollars should usually go towards maintaining city areas but for whatever reason it is being ignored.

That then brought up an interesting point how in the area has a lot of older generation people who grew up simply accepting every obstacle that is thrown at them such as if they were being discriminated against with such as the past Chinese head tax that immigrants endured. Even if they knew it was wrong they didn’t want to ruffle any feathers and simply just worked hard.

People were saying that mentality is probably why nothing is getting done when realistically it should since that is what taxes and such are for. But because no one says anything there is no public pressure for officials to do anything. Funny enough, it seemed like the community took initiative to clean the stuff up themselves, but the problem persists.

You really do need to find the balance as I know many times business owners say nothing in these circumstances because they are afraid they will lose business and contracts if they are known as someone who is vocal about issues. But on the flip side like here not saying anything can usually result in people taking advantage or walking all over you.

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