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Bartering As Opposed To Wanting Things Free

Recently I was looking at a bunch of advertisements and the techniques that various people use to try and get their headlines to stand out. In doing so I stumbled upon a lot of advertisements where surprisingly people were looking for others to do professional work for free. For example, making them a professional website, writers to work on a film for no pay, etc.

That just got me thinking where while it’s nice to get stuff without having to pay any money, in an environment like that you will probably be way better off bartering with the other side where you can offer them one of your services in return for theirs. In my opinion, this will just attract a lot more quality offers and in the end can increase your odds in getting more word of mouth advertising about your service in question.

I can just see that simply asking things for free you will either attract people that are extremely desperate and lack the type of professionalism you are looking for or that you will be labeled in a negative light for not valuing people’s time enough to compensate them back.

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