Baby Formula Shortage Crisis or Business Opportunity

Baby Formula Shortage Crisis or Business Opportunity

There is a lot of news recently on how there is a massive shortage of baby formula at stores with most places having empty shelves. This means a lot of parents are scrambling to find anything or if there I an area with a lot of stock people are hoarding them. In many cases too as expected, a lot of people are taking advantage of the situation and reselling the items for a high price.

It made me think of the two contrasting scenarios in this situation where if you legitimately need baby formula then it can be a crisis. However, for those who are not affected directly they will then treat it as a business opportunity to make money. That can also include companies seeing a window of opportunity to introduce its products that would act as an alternative to traditional baby formulas as an example.

It makes you wonder where if you were a person who is being negatively affected would you actually embrace companies releasing other solutions per se or would you see that as a negative where it is essentially taking advantage of the situation?

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