Avoid or Engaging In Public Virtue Signaling
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Avoid or Engaging In Public Virtue Signaling

It’s interesting to read the remarks between Stephen King and Elon Musk recently that seems to have risen because of the Twitter Blue $8 fee that is said to be a requirement in order for people to be verified. However, many people like Stephen King has been vocal about not wanting to pay for it and has been criticizing the platform and Musk it seems.

It appeared that Stephen King has been able to keep his blue checkmark as a result of Elon Musk implying that he paid for it. With that, Stephen King was expressing how he should donate it to a charity that helps people in Ukraine instead. With that, Elon Musk replies to him that he has donated over $100 million dollars and asks Mr. King how much he has donated. He had a weird response saying “Musk has given $100 million to Ukrainian charities. Excellent. Slava Ukraini!” in which I would imagine it’s kind of hard to come back from Musk’s response as I highly doubt King has ever donated that much.

What I was thinking here though is do you think it’s ever wise to get into these virtue signaling types of conversations in public when you are in such a visible and well know position? Because if you end up making a comment that kind of puts you in an awkward position there is no hiding it pretty much forever.

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