Astrology Influence In Business and Finance
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Astrology Influence In Business and Finance

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Who hasn’t encountered a situation where you are simply having a conversation of some sort and then all of a sudden someone asks you the question “What is your sign?”. While normally I would only hear this from someone trying to prospect candidates on who would be good to establish a relationship with, I’m surprised to see that some companies actually use astrology as a factor to determine who would be best for a certain role and when would be a good time to execute a certain plan.

So for fun, I decided to find a descriptive profile for myself in regards to how someone like myself would handle work and money to see how it stacks up to the real me. My astrological sign is a Pisces and I was able to find a write up by a famous astrologer named Susan Miller on how a Pisces would handle money and work issues. Here are some excerpts from the article:

“You are highly spiritual, and not a wit materialistic. If you ever manage to win the lottery, you’ll probably give it all away to a charity. Bless your heart, Pisces. Money doesn’t motivate you, but helping others does. You also need plenty of space to express your rich imagination. Pisces in analytical or managerial jobs also need to express their powerful creativity, even if it has to wait until after work.

Your ruler Neptune, planet of altruism and compassion, makes you ultra-sensitive to the needs of other people. In fact, when you see someone suffering financially, you identify so closely with him or her, it feels like it is happening to you. However, some people wind up using you as an energy source, and you may find your own energy drained away. It is impossible for Pisces to say no to anyone, so you might as well not even try. Instead, before you volunteer, decide what you can and cannot do to help. Then, stick to your plan. This way everyone wins.

You swim away from rules and restrictions, and usually prefer to be self-employed in a creative field. Fortune magazine reported that more millionaires are Pisces than any other sign. Surprised? It’s true! Neptune gives you the uncanny ability to detect deficiency in anything, including the marketplace. Can this sense make you rich? Yes, absolutely! Once wealthy, Pisces is in an even greater position to help those less fortunate. Your generosity makes others erroneously think you don’t have a self-preserving bone in your body. Are they ever wrong! Pisces’ survival instincts are legendary. You are tenacious and very determined. Your powers of persuasion and empathy permit you to see the concerns of others and negotiate accordingly. You have quite the winning edge!

Hint: Two fish symbolize your sign, one swimming with the current, the other against it. While it is easier to “go with the flow,” and follow the course of least resistance, Pisces often chooses to swim upstream — the more strenuous route. It is here that you will find the richest rewards and greatest satisfaction. If ever there was a sign to dream the impossible dream, it’s you, Pisces! Show the other signs how it’s done!”


So is the description accurate? The funny thing is that a lot of the philosophy of the above article is actually true in terms of how I would personally perceive and handle things. Maybe I should get friends and colleagues to read this blog post to see how many people think it is accurate or not. For using it as a business tool to evaluate certain options though, in my opinion that is a bit too over the top for me I think as the descriptions are so general. I would just keep imagining it to be like say relying on a magic 8 ball to guide me in making an important decision. In the end though, I guess if it works for some then more power to them.

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  • Shrivallabh 9/23/2006

    Astrology does not give general comments. It specifically tells pros and cons of any perticular business or financial decision whether minor or major. It can be known whether perticular project is viable,perticular employee is good for company,which product gives more profit and lot lot more

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