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Asking Too Much With No Power

I heard an interesting detail today where there was a person who wanted to be compensated more for their position as they were being requested to do a little more than they normally would. The unfortunate thing was that the decision makers decided to simply replace the person immediately. Just like that it was simply a business decision of economics where they knew someone else would do it for less and so they went with that option.

It made me think how it’s unfortunate but many times you have to know when you are in a strong enough position to demand or request for more. Unless you are purely doing something for fun as an example where you could care less what happens. One thing I found useful personally in the past was to simply document everything I was doing that may be considered more work along with any outstanding achievements. That way, instead of asking for more it should be reversed where it’s up to you to leave them or not.

I remember a funny story where a business had just changed the manager who didn’t really have in-depth knowledge on who the best employees were in terms of sales results. When a concern was brought up about doing more work and not being treated appropriately for it, the manager’s first instinct was to simply tell the person to resign. So, the person said he would and the manger quickly looked at the employee records. It showed some crazy numbers the person was generating for the business. Afterwards, the manger changed his tune and asked if he would consider staying.

Like there, you just have to make sure you can back up your requests with solid facts as opposed to relying on the kindness of people. Just the way it is most of the time in a business environment where people simply rely on numbers to make a decision.

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