Asking For More Money Versus Changing Your Process
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Asking For More Money Versus Changing Your Process

This was interesting as today I heard an argument that dealt with budgeting for various building maintenance and improvement expense where as usually you would expect the money to come in the form of increased monthly fees for residents of the building just like how taxes are often raised to pay for public services. One person got really mad it seems and mentioned how various jobs were not even done such as contractors failing to do any work yet they still got paid. So that raised a conversation on how it’s so easy for one to just ask for more money versus actually trying to budget the expense with every option available.

It’s true in many ways as just like budgeting for your personal finance a lot of times the situation can change if you adjust your way of life. This doesn’t mean drastically changing such as never driving a vehicle as an example. Instead, it’s like that recent viral video of a person paying say over five dollars for this tiny bag of instant rice. If you keep doing that and saying the answer is you need to make more money then you are overlooking the true problem I would say I that case. Like there, staring to buy those huge bags of rice or even shopping at different stores with better deals is the wiser solution.

Otherwise even if you started to make seven figures a year that bad habit will carry on as if a person opts to rent a limousine each day versus buying their own car and learning to drive it. That’s one of the challenges in being frugal is to find the best deals and work with what you have. So if you ever do get a financial windfall in life you will be prepared to use those funds to better enhance your lifestyle versus desperately trying to make ends meat. The earlier the better I say in terms of practicing your ability to manage your life with as little money as possible while still creating a comfortable lifestyle.Money, change

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