Asking For Customers Before Committing To A Business

Asking For Customers Before Committing To A Business

The other day a person was telling all his friends and associates on how he was interested in growing a fitness class of sort where he needs clients. As you would expect, he asked people for referrals. There was kind of a twist though. He wasn’t truly all in with his idea as for the most part he was doing it very casually and would often cancel appointments due to other obligations that are currently more financially rewarding. So if you think about it, he essentially wants people to help build him a stable clientele even before he is committed to serving everyone as if it was his priority.

That is always an odd direction as for the person who would potentially recommend people I would be worried about the person simply not fulfilling his obligations to them once they sign up as an example. Especially if they have a history of prioritizing other obligations over this venture. That might work if it is simply a bunch of friends getting together, but not in the case where people are paying money for as service.

I would think that everyone needs to treat it as an actual business of sort from day one versus expecting a line up of clientele to magically appear before actually committing to it. Reminds me of all those venture capitalist shows where the investor become negative when they find out the applicant isn’t really taking their business seriously yet with the answer being they will if they get the investment money. You need to commit to it before asking for help in my opinion.

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