Asking For A Budget or Not For Services

Asking For A Budget or Not For Services

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Usually when people need to pay for some kind of service where they are not sure on what exactly they need or how long it will take they often want some kind of price quote so that they can see if the service is affordable or not. A few weeks ago a person was saying how he usually asks people what their budget is first because he finds it can be cumbersome to give out all these potential plans just to have people keep saying that can’t afford it.

That would be a logical thing to do where at the same time I know a ton of people usually get apprehensive over this. For example, from a lot of consumer’s perspective asking that question means the business will try and use that as the ceiling point to charge them as much as possible as opposed to using it as a reference on what is suitable for the customer. Kind of like saying a person wanting a computer literally to just check e-mails where they tell the business they have one thousand dollars to spend. Instead of selling them maybe a computer priced at two hundred which will do the job with that they sell them a one thousand dollar one that is meant for playing video games.

So it’s easy to understand why people wouldn’t want to give a price budget. I know one way people try and get past this obstacle which ultimately helps everyone save time and money is to get people to fill out simple digital questionnaires on what they need. Usually in these too there are price budget range choices and funny enough people often don’t care about answering the question in that way. It’s almost no different than going to an e-commerce store and having sorting options by price.

I guess many times just finding an alternative method to ask the same thing works and is less confrontational to help benefit everyone.

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