Are Super Expensive Food Items Worth It Over Regular Ones
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Are Super Expensive Food Items Worth It Over Regular Ones

So today while going through the supermarket I passed by this clearance section and there were quite a few jars of pickles it seems with a brand that I have never seen before. At first I saw the tagged price which was $2.94 where my initially confusion was how that seems to be a regular price for most brands. But you can see below it apparently limited your purchase to four where anything over will cost $9.98 each. That’s a lot for a jar of pickles.

Out of curiosity I decided to check on my phone what the regular price for this item was and why it was so special. That was the shocker as based on my quick search this jar of pickle could go for $11.50 a jar. Holy moly. Is a jar of pickles really worth that much money? I was even looking at the ingredients for this might fine foods pickles which seemed for the most part items you would expect.

Maybe it is super healthier? But for that much money? I guess it isn’t as crazy as that jar of asparagus in water I saw in the news before that was so expensive. But it makes you wonder, are expensive food items like this really worth it over the regular ones?

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