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Are Pets The Worst Wedding Present You Can Give

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Recently I heard of some news on how my brother’s pet chihuahua has been getting sick lately since the new year where as a result he has incurred some pretty heavy medical bills which range in the four figure mark. This pet was given as a wedding gift to him too from a person and unfortunately the dog has had health issues since the beginning. I was telling this to one of my friends today and she was saying how giving a pet is the worst wedding present you can give as it is essentially like telling the newlywed “Congratulations, here’s a new baby you now need to take care of to celebrate your occasion.”

Funny enough, that was actually my first reaction when I heard he was given a pet as like a baby I would assume it involves a lot of personal and financial responsibility to take care of. The post financial burden of your gift is usually something I think of before giving people presents too. Unless the couple specifically asked for like a pet then that wold be a different scenario.

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