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Applying Customer Feedback or Not

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I was thinking as today I sent in a customer support e-mail to a business where in the past it seems like the employees would always respond with a generic template response which makes it feel like you are talking to a robot. It makes you wonder if they are actually addressing your concerns. This was pretty common too from the other stories I have read.

So what came across my mind is whether or not they would actually apply the feedback that many people were giving in that aspect. Will they continue to reply in the exact same way? It kind of made me think how many times companies do have things such as asking people for their feedbacks where they don’t actually use it. Instead it’s more for the perception to make people trust the business more.

In many ways I don’t see why you wouldn’t take it more seriously as a business. Even from a financial point of view there are companies that pay thousands to research companies to gather the same type of data so that one knows how to improve. So if people are openly giving you that feedback in some ways it’s like free money too. Kind of a different way of looking at it huh?

I find usually if people don’t have that immediate loss monetarily speaking then especially for a business many won’t act on it. But maybe a shift in mindset can help with that to not only save but make more money as a business.

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