Anticipating Price Drops With Business Sales Data
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Anticipating Price Drops With Business Sales Data

There are going to be a few new smartphones coming out with one coming soon being the Samsung S23 series. From some of the news the Ultra version is apparently going to be very expensive with some guestimates being at $1500 Canadian. I’m not sure how many people will line up to get it at that price.

Usually the price justification is how you are getting the latest and greatest where companies know there is a big market of people who are willing to pay premium prices to get the company’s best offering. But this got me thinking as apparently smartphone sales dropped by a lot last year where the assumption is people simply don’t have as much disposable income to buy the latest gadgets. While you would expect price drops a year or so later, this may be an indication that the company will drop the price quicker.

Basic supply and demand. But these business related news are not something an average Joe would usually read. But they should because it can give just the regular consumer a good idea if they should wait and see on a high ticket purchase where the price may drop very quick. A recent example of this is with items like computer processors. For some companies they reported that demand has significantly dropped compared to when the world was dealing with the pandemic. If you didn’t read the news about the company’s sales data you would have probably just assumed things are still selling like crazy and that prices won’t drop anytime soon. Doesn’t take long too just to take a glimpse as to how well company products are selling which in turn can help you make the best purchases to save money.

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