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Ambush Wedding

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This is the first time I have heard of an “Ambush Wedding” as today on the news they showed multiple people who were recipients of this. Since a lot of people propose near Valentines Day, I guess this ups it to the next level. With the examples I saw, basically the bride has everything setup such as the dress and necessary people except the groom has no clue about it. Like a surprise birthday party, they are surprised by all these people and the bride to be pops the question. They are then married on the spot while having their wedding day.

There was an interesting comment from the groom on one of the ambush wedding where he said they always did want to get married but unfortunately life was getting in the way, so to speak. This made me think as most people that I know who got married usually do put a lot of time and money into trying to get everything right. In some ways this ambush wedding concept is almost like the two routes you can go in business or making money.

Example, you can say you can’t do anything as you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for bunch of people to sit in the table, come up with the ideas and try to make everything perfect. The other way is to just have an idea that you are confident with and just do it to save time and money. I suppose in that sense it makes you wonder how much is too much when it comes to a wedding to delay it simply for time/financial reasons and whether or not it is simply better to go with routes like this.

Cause in the end, seeing all those happy faces and such is what it is all about.

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