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Being Amazed At How Much Less Money It Takes To Do Something

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Usually when we need something done in an area we aren’t familiar with we often hire a professional. It seems like the reasonable thing to do where you spend a little money to get something done right. Recently there was a story that got me thinking where there was a park that apparently had a hill of sorts that people used as a shortcut. It was proposed that putting a stair would be a good idea for the city to do. The quote that was generated to do the job was over $65,000 apparently and so the project had been put off.

That then led a retired mechanic to try and take initiative in building one where he got the material and some help to build it. In the end it worked and it cost him about $550 to do. While obviously it probably won’t last as long as a true professional job it sure raised the conversation on why someone can create that for $550 yet you have companies quoting like $65,000. That apparently made the city want to re-look into the quote.

It’s an important topic I think as many times we tend to spend way too much on professional services simply because we don’t know any better. Like here it can be a good idea to understand what an “amateur” job can produce to give a better perspective if you are being over charge in a sense. When you look at the comparisons like here it definitely pays to be knowledgeable about it even if you aren’t at a professional level.

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