Always Having Something Active To Do To Save Money
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Always Having Something Active To Do To Save Money

Today I had a couple of meetings and appointments where for one instance there was like a three hour downtime before my next appointment would start. At first I was thinking that I would try out some of these new coupons at a local restaurant to kill some time. However, I then realized for my dollar budget site there was this store that I was told to visit which may give people another good place to find good deals. While it would take about twenty minutes to walk one way to get there it didn’t matter too much since I had quite a bit of time.

The next thing I knew I was visiting and documenting a bunch of other places in the area. AS a result, time just flew by and I was ready for my next appointment. Financially it made me think how I could have easily just spent like five to ten dollars at restaurant for the sake of “killing time.” Fortunately in this case I actually had stuff to do which discouraged me from just doing nothing and spending money.

That is pretty common huh? For example, having an hour until your next event and so people spend like five to ten dollars at a coffee shop to help pass the time. For me it’s nice that some of my extracurricular activities can be done in almost all aspect of my lifestyle where I can usually always find something to do. Maybe that’s a key factor you are missing if you tend to spend a lot of money randomly in this way. If you find yourself just always going to like restaurants to pass the time maybe it’s time to introduce more lifestyle activities to help keep you busy and to save your money.

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