Always Having Knowledge of Various Services

Always Having Knowledge of Various Services

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Interesting scenario I saw today as there was a house inspector of sort that was trying to evaluate a certain place. Now normally they are supposed to go in the house and do a thorough review. Instead, they just pre-maturely looked outside and did all their evaluations from that. Almost like a person behind the computer pretending that it took him four hours to do the job when really it was a click of the mouse.

As a result, obviously their opinion of the place was bad. So, now the people need to hire another person to get another opinion. It just seems like such a silly way to pay people where you are basing so much on trust where your knowledge of what the person really does is so minimal. I usually try to educate myself a little bit before ever paying people to do a service. Otherwise it’s like a taxi driver saying that driving you one block costs them $50.

I guess another way to think about it is that the guys you are hiring for opinions and services like this are like your employees. Something to think about in regards to how you would handle situations like that in turns of making sure one does a satisfactory job as required.

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