All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 7
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 7

This episode started with a little switch up due to Team Power having less numbers again. This time trump decided to put Marilu into the team. The task this time required the two teams to create a silent movie commercial for the company Australian Gold. Essentially, they would have to advertise its sunscreen products in this mini movie. The project manager for Team Power was Trace and for Plan B it was Gary.

For myself, most of the interest in this episode was seeing how Gary would be as the project manager. It seemed like he did a pretty good job assigning people various roles. Overall his quirkiness didn’t seem to conflict too much. For their theme they seemed to have went with a concept where it’s like a semi dull moment which displays in black and white until the product is introduced where it basically livens up the mood.

For Plan B they went with a time traveller theme where it was a story about a caveman that travels in the future when Australian Gold is released and sure enough it is filled with like a fun beach atmosphere. A funny aspect of this was that Trace was the caveman which looked pretty funny. Even Ivanka couldn’t stop laughing at him when she saw it. A key difference between the two presentation was that Gary’s video highlighted one product whereas Trace’s had shots of all the products. That was ultimately the big decision maker it seemed as Trace’s team was chosen as the winner.

The boardroom was kind of interesting as it came down to Gary, Penn and Stephen. Penn was pretty much let go from the start as even Gary said he only brought him in because Trump asked for two people. When Stephen was asked how he felt Gary did he mention that he did an excellent job. This was kind of strange as Trump used that against him in a way saying how it is a dumb move to promote the person you are going against in the boardroom. Because of this, Trump decided to fire Stephen.

There was a funny ending too where usually when people get fired you see their post interview as they are driven off. In this one Stephen was saying in a chuckling voice that you need to disregard your morals and characters in order to be successful just like Donald Trump. Makes you wonder if he was serious but trying to mask it a little as to try and not burn bridges.

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