All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 6
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 6

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This episode seemed kind of interesting to me in terms of some business scenarios. It was definitely like a Trump family promotion one too. The task revolved around the two teams having to promote Melania Trump’s new skin care product by creating a two page ad tutorial. It seemed like it was a moisturizing cream of sort using caviar as the key ingredient. She happens to be Donald Trump’s wife too. The project manager for Team Power was Dennis and for Plan B it was Penn.

It seemed like Dennis was out of his league in terms of a leadership role for the most part as his teammates were doing most of the actual work and delegating whereas he seemed to spew out random thoughts and ideas. Plan B seemed rather cohesive. There was an inserting moment in Plan B during the time they were thinking of slogans for the product. At first they came up with the phrase “Nourish your skin with caviar” which they were all excited about and went with.

After thinking it through, some people in the team were saying how it didn’t feel original enough. Penn apparently was thinking of a new one though and suggested the idea of “Let your skin taste the luxury.” Even I was thinking at how much better that was and at the same time how much of a profound difference a simple slogan could do for a product in terms of branding.

The ad itself was pretty similar for both teams. There was one fatal flaw in Team Power’s ad though as on the very top of one of its pages it misspelled the person’s name and said “Milania” instead of “Melania.” Interestingly enough, no one on the team caught the error and even Dennis signed off on it. When it came to the presentation itself the people judging the ad, including Melania herself, definitely did notice the error. Sure enough, Team power was still oblivious about it.

Team Power’s presentation did seem sharper and more personable overall. Penn made a mistake for Plan B where he identified Melania as the spokesperson for the brand which wasn’t a good idea as it implied that she is say some kind of actor that was hired to talk positive about it. The actual deliberation of the task to find a winner was kind of abrupt too. While normally in the boardroom they would thoroughly go over the positive and negatives for each team, for Team Power Trump was saying how there was no point as the misspelling of the name was so big that he wanted to get to the point and say that they lost.

Who was getting fired was pretty predictable too after that as Dennis pretty much had a target on his back since he was the project manager and personally gave the okay for all the work done. Sure enough, indeed he was fired. Again, for me in this episode the main thing that stuck out to me was how big of a difference a good slogan could do for a product. Sure makes you think twice if next time you feel it is something that doesn’t deserve any real attention in your overall marketing plan.

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