All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5

This episode went pretty quickly task wise as well. The two teams had to be artists in this tasks where the goal was to create and sell 3D art to the public. The team who raised the most money would win. Since Team Power has been on a losing streak and now had less members Trump decided to give them Trace Adkins. Trace wasn’t too happy about the decision expressing how Plan B was the team he created. The project manager for Team Power was Lil Jon and for Plan B it was Lisa.

Stephen had an interesting moment where he was claiming that he could get a lot of high profile art buyers to come to the event as long as the art itself was good. You could see too how he was walking around and openly talking out loud as if he was trying very hard to imply that was the case. His teammates seemed to have seen right through it though as they were betting that he was probably not going to bring anybody.

While most of the artwork from both teams seemed pretty standard, Dennis was able to create a memorabilia of sort by getting a baseball bat signed by Derek Jeter. I guess you can say that was probably one of the most valued artwork out of everyone. As expected Trace Adkins was raising a lot of money too for Plan B. The lowest earners at the time appeared to be Dennis and Omarosa. Knowing this, Omarosa asked her donor to give a little more just so she can say that she didn’t raise the least amount of funds.

Not too surprisingly, it seemed like none of Stephen’s people were stepping up. There was a scenario though where one of Lis’s supporters came in and decided to buy a bunch of artwork including Stephen’s. While this was good for the team, Stephen tried to play it as his artwork got sold without his knowledge and therefore he was using that as an excuse incase he was going to be called out for raising the least amount of money. Other than that, the task went pretty straight forward. In the end, Team Power raised $179,500 and Plan B raised 225,000.

In the boardroom it mainly came down to Lil Jon, Omarosa and Dennis. Omarosa kept trying to hammer the blame on Lil Jon such as saying he said he held off for a fund raising task and he failed at it while saying Dennis technically brought in the least. That point wasn’t working well as Lil Jon raised the most for the team. As well, because Dennis’ piece had a lot of value to it, this was a factor to say that maybe he did more as he went out of his way to even get something like that.

Dennis after started to hammer Omarosa by reminding everyone how each week people were saying she should be fired except those project managers were too afraid to bring her into the boardroom. He then also took it to the next step and called her out for all her crying and how he believes it was fake with no tears. Omarosa tried to defend herself saying it was real.

Trump then started to talk about how Dennis’ story is amazing in regards to him fighting back in life despite his history. As well, he started to tell Omarosa how with her help the show had become a hit. In the end, Trump decided to fire Omarosa with the factor being that Dennis seemed like he really wants it bad and has been trying harder in his view. Who would have thought it would have been Dennis that would take Omarosa down huh?

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