All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 2
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 2

For this episode the two teams traveled to the Universal Orlando resort where the task was to create a 3D photo experience. They would be judged on creativity, integration of the Universal marketing campaign and guest experience. The project manager for Team Power was Omarosa and for Plan B it was Dee.

Team Power’s direction appeared to be a theme revolving around a triple themed experience where people would start off with Harry Potter, go onto Spiderman and then end up with Despicable Me. As well, the display seemed pretty labor intensive where it was questionable if it could even be done in time.

For Plan B at first Penn suggested a unique idea where if executed properly visitors could hop on the display where it would appear as if they are now simply floating heads. However, Dee eventually scrapped that idea due to concerns that he wouldn’t be able to integrate Universal material in a floating head theme. As well, he remembered from the past that teams have often got criticized for not using their celebrity likeness. Therefore, he decided to go with a basic celebrity cut out display based on them wearing material that represents Universal characters.

Team Power’s display was miles ahead of Plan B’s in terms of visual appearance and sophistication. An interesting note was it seemed like the whole team on Power was actually scared of Omarosa where they expressed if they didn’t do a good job they knew they would get thrown under the bus by her. Lind of ironic that celebrity powerhouses would be so afraid of her huh?

There was also a point in the show which I guess was a good lesson about listening to your clients where team Power asked the Universal executives if they used a lot of celebrities to promote their resort. They explicitly mentioned that they didn’t as they wanted their characters to be the stars. This point alone actually hurt Plan B a lot.

The boardroom was interesting too when it came to finding out who won. At first Trump made it sound like Plan B had won but then quickly said that they lost. Omarosa then blew up in tears because she was saying how she missed her late fiance so much and that since this win was for a charity that he was involved with it meant a lot to her. The funny thing was virtually everyone was calling her a bluff as they believe she was using this as a way to manipulate people on the show to get herself ahead.

In the end there wasn’t too much of a fight as Dee pretty much threw himself as the person responsible and sure enough he was fired. I bet that part where Omarosa cried will probably be the highlight of the show for many publications.

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