All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 1
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All Star Celebrity Apprentice – Episode 1

This season almost went completely by me as I wasn’t even aware it had started already. Fortunately I did notice that it was on now though. It seemed like this was the All Star version of the show where for the most part it was past contestants. The teams this time weren’t divided by men and women either as Trump decided to let Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins choose their teams. In the end, the two teams and its name was the following:

Team Power:
Bret Michaels
Lil Jon
Brande Roderick
La Toya Jackson
Claudia Jordan
Dennis Rodman

Plan B:
Trace Adkins
Penn Jillette
Dee Snider
Marilu Henner
Stephen Baldwin
Lisa Rinna
Gary Busey

The first challenge appeared to be a food related one where each team would have to create their own signature meatball and then sell it to the public. The team who made the most money would win. The project manager for Team Power was Brande and for Plan B it was Trace.

Trace had a vision where he didn’t care about the meatball itself as his thought was since it was a money challenge everyone should just focus on getting people with deep pockets. Team Power went with the the more traditional route. As well, the two teams went on the show Kelly and Michael to sample their meatballs. Since Team Power made a vegetarian meatball Plan B was trying to criticize them for that decision. However there was an interesting note that the host Kelly was actually a vegetarian.

There was an interesting tid bit during the episode where Omarosa made a comment where she would take a lot of personal pride if she was able to take out a former Celebrity Apprentice winner. In this case, specifically Bret Michaels. It was funny too I was thinking as some people were commenting why in the world she was even on the show when she isn’t really a celebrity. I guess examples like these show she knows how to be the villain of all villains which I guess makes it entertaining at times as the person you love to hate.

When the stores opened you definitely saw the difference in atmosphere. Team Plan B’s store was virtually quiet as they closed it off from the public and even had closed signs to discourage random people. Team Power was the opposite as it was crowded and busy. Plan B’s plan seemed to work eventually as the big donors started to walk in.

In the board room Omarosa wasted no time in trying to throw Bret under the buss it seemed. She tried to emphasize a point that he expressed how he had a large group of potential donors where in the end he did very little. Therefore, it was implied that he said this to set Brande up in a way to make her confident in becoming the project manger.

Stephen on Plan B took a huge blow too as throughout the episode he said he was purposely holding back his resources for when and if he becomes a project manger. He emphasized this point on his own as if it was a smart strategy. However, it just ended up making him look bad. Trump then announced which meatball Kelly and Michael enjoyed the most. They ultimately decided that Team Power’s was the best and that they were rewarded $20,000 to their funds.

In the end Plan B raised $419,539 and Team Power raised $250,530. It would seem that Plan B’s strategy obliterated the other team’s. For the boardroom there seemed to be a huge debate about numbers as it seemed like Brande simply didn’t know her team’s financial numbers. Essentially, she put Omarosa in charge of the accounting but felt something was off with it. However, she couldn’t challenge it as she has no real records of it. Brande was emphasizing that the people who should be fired are the one’s tha raised the least. Again though, because she didn’t know her numbers she couldn’t really say who that was indefinitely.

Therefore the team had to rely on Omarosa’s numbers where she was insisting Bret brought in the least. Ultimately Brande chose La Toya and Bret using her decision of trying to bring in the people who raised the least. People seemed shocked that Brande even trusted Omarosa. In the end though it seemed like Trump was really negative about Bret for choosing to be a contestant as oppose to say one of the advising judges. On top of that the fact that he raised very little in the task seemed to be the nail in the coffin and so he was fired. Crazy start so far I must say.

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