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Being Afraid To Collect A $560 Million Powerball Lottery Win Due To Privacy


I was reading this story how the $560 Million Powerball lottery in the US was won by a lady in New Hampshire but she hasn’t actually claimed the prize. The reason for it is because she fears that if her identity gets revealed then this will result in a lot of attention that she doesn’t really want. While she wants to remain anonymous the rules of the lottery is that the winner must go public. From what I read she also wrote her name in the back of the ticket.

So this was interesting as apparently she is trying to sue the lottery for things like an invasion of privacy in an effort to be able to collect the money while still trying to remain anonymous. From all the general stories I have read with lottery winners being unhappy once they win the money due to things like everyone coming out of nowhere pretending to be like your best friend in an effort to get money in that sense it’s not unreasonable for one to want to keep it quiet.

However, I can’t help but to think that is just part of the bargain per se in this case where in exchange for $560 million dollars basically you lose your privacy in that way. Kind of makes you think if you were in that position and thinking of the extreme case would you rather have $560 million and have no privacy or stay with a modest lifestyle and still be able to go around like a normal person? What is your privacy worth?

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