Advertising Through Regular People Instead of Professionals

Advertising Through Regular People Instead of Professionals

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Today I saw this interesting review video where a couple of seniors were trying to fly a drone for the first time as this model was meant more as a toy. They were having a blast though. In the company’s advertising material they had a fairly professional budget it seems in producing the work to make it look cool of course. But I was thinking as I was watching the two videos the unprofessional one was actually better in selling the product.

The reasoning is pretty simple as when something looks too professional it can come across as very fake per se. However, in this case when you see something that looks like it was just an everyday person creating a random video that looks genuine. So when you see them having fun it does a better job at selling the item. It’s counter intuitive for many still I think as you often believe that if you want to create some kind of impactful awareness campaign then you need to make everything look super high quality which ultimately means spending the money to do so.

In this case if you were that company theoretically you could spend that same amount of budget to essentially giveaway the product for the right people to try where hopefully something good like that video will come out of it. You can say that is risky as nothing may happen but the same can be said for an advertisement. One positive too is that this way you are guaranteeing that people are at least trying it. Almost like saying if you are targeting the average person then what better way to do so than to get people who those same people can relate to?

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