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Administrative Office of RPR/OFV

So I got this strange letter in the mail today. At first it looks like some kind of strange business letter, but I knew it couldn’t be that important otherwise it would have been sent by registered mail.

In the back of it there sure were a lot of big brand name companies though as you can see.

Interesting use of fine prints too such as this one stating “Universal Orlando is a supplier and not a sponsor of this vacation offer.”

After reading that I thought maybe I would find something humorous or interesting in this. It was kind of interesting how there is an address to “2419 E. Commercial BLVD., FT. Lauderdale, FL 33308″ and right beside it there is a label titled “Mail Data PO Box 337 Fort Erie, Ont L2A 5N1.” Makes it sound like the “Mail Data” has a whole pile of addresses used to solicit people.

Upon opening it the offer was for one of those cruise line vacations. This one was from company called “Imperial Majesty.” It came complete with a pitch card too:

Pack your bags Alan Yu! You’ve been identified to receive a FREE Two Night Caribbean Cruise for two adults!* As our guest, you’ll cruise round-trip on the Regal Empress from sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL, to Nassau/Paradise Island in the tropical Bahamas. Your first time traveler introductory familiarization cruise includes a private stateroom, with all meals and entertainment included.

Congratulations Alan, your responsible financial history earned you this FREE “Fam Trip” Cruise!*

“Fam-Trip” is travel industry jargon for a “Familiarization Trip” which is a free or highly discounted vacation package that most Travel Agents receive as a perk to “familiarize” themselves with fine Resorts and Cruise Ships like ours. We believe you’re just as qualified as a travel agent to experience our “familiarization” tours. We have found this to be the best way to advertise the quality of our properties and we believe you’ll tell your friends and family about the great time you had.

Alan, please call Toll Free 1-800-405-6112 in the next 72 hours to claim your FREE “Fam-Trip” Cruise. No purchase necessary, no strings attached!

Sport charges and government taxes not included

Alan, as a FREE Cruise “Fam-Trip” recipient, you’re also entitled to a $1,300.00 Travel voucher. We’re pleased to provide you with this special travel voucher to purchase your family’s spectacular Florida Resorts extended stay that may be used in conjunction with your FREE cruise.* In return, we request you fill out a one-page “Fam-Trip” survey evaluating your cruise and your Resort hotel stay.

The Yu family FREE cruise/extended stay package includes:*

4 days & 3 nights at the “Gold Key” award winning Ramada Plaza Resorts in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

3 days & 2 nights at the “Gold Key” award winning Ramada Plaza Resorts in Magical Orlando, FL.

2 Night IMCL Caribbean Cruise including private stateroom? all meals, live entertainment and onboard activities.

Informative guided tour of a local vacation ownership resort.

7 Days transportation by Alamo Rent-A-Car with unlimited mileage during your vacation.

Alan, please participate within 48 hours! You’ll also receive both getaways:

3 days and 2 nights in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada.

4 days and 3 nights in romantic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Call Toll Free 1-800-405-6112. Agents available Monday to Friday, 10 am – 11 pm, Saturday 10 am – 8 pm, and Sunday noon – 8 pm (EST). Only one call per notification. If busy, please call 1-800-404-4924.

See reverse side of credit voucher for terms and conditions.

They also created this facsimile of a check worth $1,300.

Of course with it comes all the fine prints too:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This is an offer to sell travel. This Vacation package includes nationally recognized Ramada Plaza Resorts Gold Key Award Winning accommodations for three nights South Florida, two nights Orlando, FL, round-trip Carnivals Cruise or imperial Majesty Cruise with meals and entertainment included to and from Nassau, Bahamas, and an economy rental car for seven days with unlimited mileage while in Florida. Ramada Plaza Resorts, Orlando/Ft Lauderdale Vacations, a franchisee, markets and is responsible for quality travel packages to promote specific hotels and resorts in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, which it exclusively owns and operates, and in return requires the attendance at a presentation on the sale of independent vacation ownership resorts.

Participants will also receive four days/three nights in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and three days/two nights in Las Vegas, NV, which may be enjoyed after primary itinerary Responders to this offer may be identified to other advertising companies with products and services we believe you may be interested in if you do not wish to receive these attractive offers, please write to: Ramada Plaza Resorts O.F.V., Attn: Marketing Department, 2419 E Commercial Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308. Offer is subject to change without notice and not valid in conjunction with any other offer Transportation to and from Florida, hotel and rental car taxes if applicable and meals on land are the travelers’ responsibility. Depending on traveler’s selection of cruise line, additional energy and security surcharges may be imposed and collected at time of embarkation to reimburse carrier for increased costs associated with fuel prices, port security and government imposed fees Please only one call per notification UNIVERSAL ORLANDO is a registered trademark of Universal Studios Ramada43 Plaza Resorts, Orlando, is a “Destination Universal” hotel. UNIVERSAL ORLANDO is not responsible for the fulfillment of this vacation offer. Imperial Majesty is Ramada’s Preferred Cruise Lined Carnivals, Carnival Cruise Line, The Most Popular Cruise Line in the Worlds and Fun Ships are all registered trademarks of Carnival Corporation. Ramada) Plaza Resorts, O.F.V. is solely responsible for this offer. Ramada(3 Plaza Resorts, O.F.V. is an equal opportunity employer Void where prohibited. All Federal, state and local laws apply. Licensed and Bonded in the state of Florida, Fla. Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST-30427. See reverse side for details Refunds subject to law of state in which consumer resides.

This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of a vacation ownership plan.

This is the fist solicitation I have seen that literally tells you in the fine print that the intent of this is to sell you something. But then again, how many people would actually read that right? If that is not enough, they even create the free “cruise voucher” too:

While I guess since a lot of people are having tough times financially that this would seem like the perfect time for companies like these to prey on people looking for free stuff, it sure makes me wonder how people still get lured into these things.

I don’t think I need to shout too loud in terms of telling people to stay away from this one right? Wonder how global this one is.


  • apsarasa 1/24/2009

    Thank you very much. I have also received the same thing you received. I was first surprise and then check their web site to confirm it. Then I felt this is suspicious and type the offer in google. Then I found the truth through few web blogs. Thank you very much again.

  • SRR 2/27/2009

    I guess it’s a good thing that I decided to research this before calling. I just got this crap in the mail today and was starting to get excited till that lil part of my brain was telling me, “if it sounds too good to be true, check it out” and I did and now I know, this crap is fake!! I wonder how these people sleep at night, knowing they are preying on honest people like us!! Thanks for posting this blog, otherwise, I’d have never known NOT to do this…

  • Kelly 3/9/2009

    Wow. I got the same solicitation in the mail today. Thank God for the internet because they do a really good job of making you think that they may be legit, even to someone as skeptical as myself. This “voucher” will will going in the garbage! Thank you for your reports!

  • Merle 3/10/2009

    Yeah I got one too. I am from alberta Canada

  • Caro 3/16/2009

    me too i receive that piece of crap in my mail box and i live near montreal quebec me and my boyfriend was happy in the first time but in the second time i check it and they just want to sell us some travel

  • Sergio 3/17/2009

    I Got the same think, thank’s to Jesus for all your help, God bless you all.

  • KC 3/18/2009

    I received one today as well in Vancouver,BC. My sister worked for a timeshare company and knew something was not right. We googled the Florida address and a paralegal firm came up and when I googled the Ontario address I came across this.

  • Barbara 4/17/2009

    I received the exact same documents, except mine says from CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, RECORDS DIV.,531 SE 5th Court, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. All the remaining documents and stamps are identical. I am a Paralegal and decided to do some research glad you were here. NEVER GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, SOCIAL SECURITY # OR BANKING INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVISE JUST EVERY DAY JOE ADVICE. HAVE HAD BAD EXPERIENCES IN THE PAST. GOD BLESS ALL!

  • Jenn 4/21/2009

    I just received this same document. Up front it looks professional but luckily I decided to research it first.

  • Dee 4/21/2009

    I just got this trash in the mail today. Right off the bat I said to myself, this is a SCAM. So I went right to my pc to check this outfit out. Why don’t these people STOP!@

  • Megan 4/28/2009

    My grandma got the same thing today, the whole thing sounded a littly fishy so I decided to check it out for her on the internet. I am very happy that I did. I from Saint Paul MN. Mine was from Pampano Beach Florida as well. Stupid.

  • Lee 4/28/2009

    I received this mail, the same one that everyone got. I looked at it and was excited about it, so I called the company to see if its true, so a guy answer it and told me that the cruise line is free, but I have to pay $789 for the rental and plane ticket for two people.So, I told the guy that I have to talk to my husband about it and see if we can go, so the guy was like “Sorry, one phone call per household”. It seen like he want me to puchase it right away. But I just told him that I will call them back and then he just said ” OK” and hang-up the phone without saying “Thank You for calling and have a nice day.” What a jerk!! But also, it’s a good thing that I try to search for their company and found this website because I kinda knew it was a scam. So,Thank You!

  • Dan 5/3/2009

    I received the exact same documents, except mine says from CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, RECORDS DIV.,531 SE 5th Court, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. All the remaining documents and stamps are identical. Thank you for posting the actual documents online, that really help.

  • Mike 5/5/2009

    I recieved the same thing in the mail. I even called on it, and was really pumped until they asked for my credit card. That was the key that something wasn’t right, and I hung up. My wife got on line and found this blog. What kind of people are these guys anyway. This is such a scam. Thank You!

  • ashlee 5/8/2009

    guys i had the identical thing but it said Carribean line. but all the documents were identical. my dumb butt did call and i had the experience about the “one phone call per household” deal. except with me they put the “manager of operations” on the phone and she reduced the 798 to 596 and when i said i would have to talk with my husband. she got an attitude and spouted off some website i could still get my free cruise and hung on me!! these people need to be reported. thanks for your postings. it helped a lot!!

  • hsantos 5/8/2009

    I got the Caribbean Cruise Line one in the mail today…these people are unreal! I went to their website…you couldnt book this cruise even if you wanted to pay full price..there is no option to! check it out
    I cant believe they went to all that work…SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!

  • hsantos 5/8/2009

    Oh and mine is “signed” by a Robert Mitchell and now Craig’s List is scamming it as well….BEWARE

  • rshelton 5/11/2009

    Oh I am glad to see this website I got this today and I usually research things that I get in the mail and I google it and came across this thank you for the information in this economy times people still scamming. I am a single mother of two and would love to go on a vacation but I will not reveal any of my credit card information to anyone.

  • Tom 5/14/2009

    Also regarding the Caribbean Cruise Line “offer,” I “googlearthed” 531 SE 5th Ct, Pompano Beach, FL and discovered it is not an office at all, but a private residence in a residential neighborhood. It also appears to be abandoned, though I am inferring this because another website shows the property as being for sale and asks if the viewer is the owner of said property. Anyway, it is very strange, indeed.

  • Catherine 5/15/2009


    I recived the same thing in the mail today in Alberta, Canada. I called the number to find out where they had gotten my info to and they began to have an attitude with me and gave me the number to customer serive. Just wondering if anyone got charged for the call as I used my cell seeing it was a 800 number.

  • Rynebow 5/15/2009

    I@am @so happy that I checked in to this. My voucher looked identical to the documents that everyone received I’m only 20 and I don’t even know how they found me. But I searched the address and found this. The address was 531 SE 5th Court, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

  • chet 5/16/2009

    i fell for it and now i am paying for it trying to get my money back if anyone can give me advice on how to go about this it would really be great

  • I'm no sucker 5/16/2009

    I’ve taken a trip like this before it was pretty cool and cheap but the sales guys for the timeshares r hardcore If i wasn’t there my wife would have bought one. but this is just a total non existing scam. Glad I looked it up too. I feel sorry for the suckers that fell for it.

  • dfam 5/17/2009
  • Nothing_Is_Free 5/22/2009

    If it sounds too good it probably is.

    Scammers suck! stay away from them.

  • Ms Teko 5/22/2009


  • vindicated Dee 5/22/2009

    Hi, I’m so glad I found this site; even though I fell so hard for this crap…I don’t know what the fudge was wrong with me on the 20th of May, 2009. I gave them my cc # thinking it was just to charge me port fees and BAM got charged $224 b/c I couldn’t afford the $898 they wanted and they automatically set me up with a monthly payment plan for an undisclosed amount (until I asked) and on an undisclosed date (until I asked) . After dizzily authorizing the payment; I thought to myself this must be a scam so I googled but couldn’t find sufficient info to make me angry…I called and tried to cancel; just on the off chance that it was a scam; and the guy was rude and trying to intimidate me. He kept saying he didn’t mean to patronize me but I couldn’t get a full refund even though I was told I could when I authorized payment. I have chase and debits tend to go in immediately but it was still pending so it was funny to hear him say the funds were already “dispersed.” I asked where, since I hadn’t made reservations. He said he would cancel the automatic monthly payments and extend the life of the package to 2.5 years and only charge me $498, as this was the ONLY thing he could do. I sat on that for about a day. On the 21st I cancelled my debit card and on the 22nd, today, I called back. (I had googled the address and that’s when I hit paydirt)

    I was armed with the FBI’s number (mass marketing fraud crime); the FTC (Federal Trade Commission-federal-wire fraud b/c crossing state lines to wire money *see former Gov. Spitzer*); the NYS attorney general’s #, the FLS attorney’s general #, FLS and NYS Consumer Protection Board #, BBB, Google maps, this website and the US Postal Inspector’s office number (mail fraud Title 18 of US code chpt 63) and a lawyer’s number.

    First I confirmed their address and spelling of the company…simply b/c google maps shows the address to be residential and just in case they try to fall back on misspelling “Caribbean” or some such nonsense; confirmed with them that they were registered with the BBB and in good standing. I called back and asked to speak to “Phillip.” I then proceeded to rip Phillip a new one. He tried to say he was a middle man company and that’s why he wasn’t in the BBB so then I said well tell me your companies name so I can look them up…long pause.. “Caribbean Cruise Line.” Ah justification, he also acknowledged that he hadn’t cancelled my monthly payments when he tried to offer me that option again! When I caught him on that he said “it takes 24hours to process any changes” I said funny, it’s been 48!.

    I told them that after confirming the address I found that it was house not a business, and he said he works out of a 3-story building with 500 ppl. In each floor (wtcrap? Does such a building exist? Please call the fire dept. doubt they have adequate exits for that amount of ppl). I repeated that I had googled the address and found it to be a house and politely asked him to confirm that address. I also said according to both states attorney general’ I can receive a refund. He said only after you pay for the entire vacation or take the vacation, so now I’m supposed to pay the rest of the $$ so I can get my money back? Lets do the math here ppl. I was very careful to not accuse them of being a fraudulent company as the US is a litigious country and who knows they might turn around and sew me for defamation. Make sure to say “IF you’re a scamming fraudulent company, not saying you are”

    I basically threw every phone number and any information I had at him until he put me on hold. I nervously looked at my friend thinking he hung up on me…about five minutes later I was transferred to a guy who was more than happy to authorize a full refund of the $224 paid. I asked him to repeat it b/c I was taping him. YES RECORD THEM!!!! He said it would take 48 hours to process and 7 business days to complete. I assured him I’d be calling back next week!!! Because, honestly we can’t trust these fudgers to keep there word.

    I then called my bank who assured me even though I had cancelled my debit card on the 21st they can still refund me the $ w/o me having to give them another number. They also said (now this I have to confirm with my personal banker b4 I believe it) that if the they do not submit there receipt of the transaction within five business days of the card cancellation, the bank automatically refunds my money. But just on the off chance these fudgers fudge with me again I asked them to make a note of the fact that they agreed to a full refund within 7 business days and it was recorded and there was a witness (put in on speaker). So cross your fingers folks. Hopefully this helps you Chet. Good luck.

    The trick is to be forceful but not rude. Use the same tactics they used on you, on them i.e. no time to think or form coherent thoughts.

  • vindicated Dee 5/23/2009

    Woke up this morning to find out I had my money back!!!! Happy Day!!! Good luck to those who are still trying…

  • CRAIGER 5/24/2009


  • Lindsey 5/26/2009

    WOW, ok I am also glad I found this site…. when it sounds too good to be true it usually is… LESSON LEARNED!

    When I called the number it had been disconnected hahha… serves them right!

  • CP 7 5/29/2009


  • Eric 5/29/2009

    I too am so glad that I found this site. My mom went through with it and the whole HOUR she was talking on the phone with the guy I knew that it was a scam. After typing in the given website on Google, I found no pages that said it was a scam, most said that it was legit. I still didn’t believe it and I was glad that I found this site. The voucher that my mom got was almost exactly the same as yours except for the company name, which was Caribbean Cruise Line. Thank you so much.

  • David 5/30/2009

    Well I feel so deflated and happy at the same time. I feel for it because I thought it was just one of those time share promotions. I spoke to a guy who said his name was Rodney, but he wouldn’t tell me his last name. He went through the wonderful spill about the cruise. I was hooked. Then he said I had to do it then and I couldnt call back. I told him I couldnt afford it even at that price. So like the poster ashlee above says he put some woman on the phone and she dropped the price to $596 and said we would get a $100 credit for restaurants of our choice. I told her I still didnt have the money, but I really wanted to do it. She said I could give her my card # and if it declined it then I would have the deal locked in and I could call back and pay them. So I gave her the number of a empty re loadable card I had in my wallet. They said it was declined but I could still call back. And it sounded so good 🙁

  • David 5/30/2009

    btw if you google the address you get this site on several hits

    weird huh?

  • moe 6/1/2009

    I received the exact same documents, except mine says from CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, RECORDS DIV.,531 SE 5th Court, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. All the remaining documents and stamps are identical. I am a Paralegal and decided to do some research glad you were here
    I am in Vancouver Canada

  • clement 6/8/2009

    i dont know whats going on with these people… i also receice a mail from caribbean cruise line, administrative office records div,. 531 se 5th court pampano beach florida 33060.

    i went online to check for their website thinking if this was for real they would atleast mention something towards it. then i check to see if bahamas celebration has any cruise shedule and there was none. then i realise that this is some bulshit. wish there was a way to getback to these criminals… 😳

  • Elaine Cole 6/9/2009

    lol this is very funny, i also got this in the mail, i knew it was fake but i decided to check it out anyways :p

    that funniest part is that they sent to ME and not my parents, i am 17 right now, who lives in a lil hick town, i laughed!

  • Satish G 6/16/2009

    LOL , I too received this mail. thanks for posting this review. When i called them they said the same as you guys mentioned above. They are really Jerks.

  • Kix 6/26/2009

    I think its time to get these people back!

  • Elena 6/29/2009

    I have received the same tickets for a $1,300 and it smells like scam. How can we get them back?

  • Somebody 7/9/2009

    Got this today. How in the fuck did these people get my information and information as in the first place as in address and name? I hate that so much, it’s offensive and I wanna know and I wanna know how scammers get my cellphone number as well. It’s bullshit.

  • Tampa Mom 7/11/2009

    Haha I got one of these today as well…I won a free cruise and they won a free trip to the trash can!

  • JoJo 7/27/2009

    Thanks pretty funny cause I just got one today that it Caribbean Cruise Line. It says the same thing thing. I was lmao.

  • Sara (vancouver canada) 7/29/2009

    Unfortunately, I have received the same dream vacation in the mail. I’m sorry to hear that some people have been have lost money over this. What is the world coming to. These ppl are disgusting

  • Ingrid 7/30/2009

    I got one just like this except it was caribbean cruise line instead of Imperial Majesty. I was curious so I called them up just to see what the deal was. As soon as they told me that I had to give them my credit card information and I was only given one call per notice sent in the mail… my red flags were flying. So I told them I’d get back to them anyway because I couldn’t make an impulse decision like that. I looked up their address and am I ever glad I did… Thanks so much!

  • Kim 8/3/2009

    🙄 Got mine today Caribbean Cruise Line but now new address 200 Knuth Rd. Suite 100 and a new Beach Boynton Beach, FL 33436

  • nicole 8/6/2009

    I was so excited, i had never ‘won’ anything before. i was about to give my credit card info when my husband stepped in and talked to the guy. he was extreemly rude and impatient, and we hung up…i married a smart man:) i feel better now knowing that so many other people think this is bullshit. i live in bc, canada (they tell you that there is only 1 person per state invited) so if anyone from bc is reading this-red flag! and apparently they know that i pay my bills ontime… how did they get this information??

  • Wed 8/7/2009

    Man these people are good at making things look like the real deal, nothing like this is free every these days. Amazing how they get your information. These people need to be stopped. Not just these silly ones that we all got a ‘free’ cruise from but all people that do this.

  • Margie 8/15/2009

    I got a similar letter, new address–200Knuth Road, Suite 101, Boynton Beach, FL. The new twist is the addition of Carmen Electra on the website to make it feel legit. They even have her giving a testimonial about the wonderful cruise. Hmmmm.

  • Sab 8/17/2009

    Got mine as well…I wonder why these ppl have not been caught.

  • Hector 8/18/2009

    Yes it is a scam. They are sending out a new promo just got it today. They would not let me hang up so I went online and found this. I told him about it and he hung up.

  • Tampa 8/18/2009

    I got a similar letter, new address–200Knuth Road, Suite 100, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 and the phone # is 1 800 461 1801.I strongly belive my wife changed her mailing adress on the usps website,by accident ticked offers.after that we are getting this junk/scrap/scams ones 😳

  • Stetson 8/19/2009

    I received my Free two night Bahamas cruise for two adults on 8/12/09 for $1,300.00 travel voucher. Can’t believe Universal\Orlando\Ft. Lauderdale and Ramada are responsible for this crazy offer????!! Har!! Har!! Hardy!! har!

  • smokin mom 8/25/2009

    its still circulating i got one too and i’m in british columbia WILL IT NEVER END? LOL

  • annoyed 8/25/2009

    My fiance got one of these in the mail today and I told her I would look around on the internet first. Didn’t believe it for a minute. Her’s was from Caribbean Cruise Lines, signed by one Robert Mitchell. These people need to find a different hobby. Maybe one that actually benefits society.

  • wiki 8/31/2009

    I got this letter as well (free cruise for 2 and $1,300 vocher. It’s from Caribbean Cruise Line 200 Knuth Rd., Suite 100, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 and Toll # 1-800-733-4223

  • Elkouri 9/2/2009

    I got this in the mail today and as soon as i opened the mail, i got very excited – for 1 minute only. I thought I did not join any contest that I knew of and never had any single transaction with Caribbean Cruise Line or Universal Orlando or whatsoever sponsors listed in this document. I researched the toll free number 1800 301 8076, and found this site and I am very happy that you guys confirmed that this is a scam. I am replying to your blogs so that other people who knows me who receives the same thing will believe that this is indeed a big SCAM….so far, one of the biggest scam that I have ever encountered because of the very good marketing strategy – real voucher with my name and address.

    Again, thank you everyone. You just saved my money and time.

  • joann 9/4/2009

    hahahaha guys, did you know that i received the same letter too?..,nevertheless, I can never be fooled by this tricks..,thanks to this concerned citizen who posted this blog..,hooray bahamas!

  • avi 9/6/2009

    i fell into thise i lost 1000$.

    i was never fuld b4

  • dor4403 9/11/2009

    i received the same thing in the mail today. the first thing i said was yeah right. if this was real the Pope is coming to my house to visit. right now i can’t see myself falling for any of this BS when i’m trying to figure out what bill i’m going to pay on payday. WHAT A JOKE!! free cruise my behind! 😆

  • bt 9/16/2009

    The link to Google Maps posted by foobar made me laugh. That is a nice cozy looking house out in the suburbs.

    I got the Caribbean Cruise Line offer and decided to Google it just out of boredom. Usually such offers have a catch.

  • Melanie 9/17/2009

    They now have a Commercial that runs w/Carmen Electra as the spokesmodel offering the same thing if you call 888.405.8882
    When I went to the website to register they gave me a confirmation # & then I called the 800 # where I was told of all the wonderful details of what I will receive followed by asking for my CC # to pay for my “port fees” of $59 per person.
    On the website it specifies that the port fees are to be payed upon BOOKING of your trip, which I was not doing at the time of the call. I told the woman I was not comfortible giving my info over the phone to an unknown company & she went on to tell me that every time I use my CC over the phone or at a retail store I really don’t know of the company. WHAT???
    I just repeated that I didnt feel comfortable and said goodbye while she was still trying to bully me into why I should trust them with my info. 🙄

  • brenda 9/18/2009

    these guys are very rude on the phone i called to have my name taken off the mailing list. they put me on hold for 5 mins came back tried to sell me it again when i refused they put me on hold again for 5 mins then came back with the “supervisor” when i wouldn’t give him any info and told him not to put me on hold anymore i got fed up and said i’d mail a letter and he told me he didn’t want to talk to me anymore and hung up the phone. not professional at all just makes it look more suspicouse.

  • Venky 9/21/2009

    I just received the same voucher from Caribbean Cruise Line ,200 Knut Rd, Suite 100 , Boynton Beach , FL …After seeing this I felt very excited and read it properly and got a doubt. I tried reaching their tool free number which is 1800-461-1801 , its not wrking, Its strange and I got a doubt and searched in the internet and found that this is a type of promo and scam who are playing with us. Which is not tolerable… Thx for the person who has posted this and saved my time and Money ! Hurray we escaped 🙂

  • SEROJ 9/22/2009

    PPL what shoul I do if I already gave them my info 2 day ago?:(

  • Paula 9/24/2009

    I got a Caribbean Cruise voucher in the mail today to, so I went online to check it out to see it was a scam and It was. I knew it because I got other different stuff in the mail. Your right it is wrong that the people try to get honest people to fall for there scam. I’m happy that I got the internet to check out stuff like this.

  • Rouse 9/24/2009

    Got the letter Today and immediatly googled and came across rip off reports and this site. Definitely a scam. If we keep this going at some point the scam will have to run its course.

  • Shirley 9/28/2009

    😡 I cant believe I fell for this rip-off bot I DID! These jack-holes are good. They got me right in the pocket book. I just don’t understand how people can be so crude. I’m so pissed off that even though my bank had time to stop the authorization, they did nothing but give me overdraft fees. They’re just as messed up ripping off a long standing customer! I’m taking out my money from them an closing my account! 5th/3rd Bank of Ohio!!!! 😡

  • tjcool 9/28/2009

    just got my letter from caribbean cruise at 200 knuth rd called because we are actually looking to take a cruise after 30 min. started asking for $ told them would be a month before i had $700 they dropped it to $124 told them i would call back in 30 min. had to ck funds they started getting mad at the same time my wife found this web site i guess we’ll look for a cruise the old fashion way by checking with a travel agent

  • Ang 9/29/2009

    SEROJ I would suggest u try cancel the transaction if that doesn’t work u may hav 2 cancel & get new card that way they can’t keep charging u
    There were a couple ppl who tried getng refunds above also a link 2 betr business b if nothng else mayb they can help @ very least u can file a report
    I too got this n mail mine was almost identical 2 the othrs now they r using diff address its:
    Caribbean Cruise Line
    Administrative Offices
    200 Knuth Road
    Suite 101
    Boynton Beach FL 33436
    800 461 1801 or
    800 461 3226
    Its just sad they r getng 2 ppl it has 2 b sumwhat successful or they would of already moved on 2 sumthng else
    Sadly not evry1 doesn’t ck or hav access 2 the internet
    B4 internet I would always ck BBB if I had questions about somethng 2 good 2 b true. N my experience it is just that
    That’s how these scammers stay n business
    Thanks 4 starting this blog u did a gr8 job getng the word out ther very detailed

  • Ang 9/29/2009

    Shirley I had a prob w/Block Buster taking out more than supposed 2 b4 they we’re supposed 2 which caused me overdraft fees I talkd 2 my bank & they knocked off the fees they also said its hard 4 a bank 2 stop some transitions that r automatically authorized so that’s sumthng 4 all they suggested mite b best n circumstances like these 2 use pay pal use the setting that u transfer funds not wher PP automatically takes out of ur account
    Hope that helps ppl a little
    On a separate note aftr trouble w/BB I tried Netflix they do rite by u if any1 is thnkng about trying them LOL
    Have a gr8 day evry1!

  • Lamar 10/2/2009

    I got the “Carribean Cruise Line” one… Few twists compared to the original, but of the same nature… The fine print is drastically re-worded.. Lol,I believed this for like.. an eighth of a millisecond. I’m in Chicago…

  • Nate 10/13/2009

    I sadly fell for this cruise line. I should have done research on this before I gave them info. I have to talk to my credit card company tomorrow to hopefully get things straightened out. Sadly, i’ll probably have to change up my numbers and start over. I feel so ashamed that I fell for this stupid scam. I can’t believe places like this can exist.

  • justin 10/27/2009

    I got one too! I hate how they try to trick people in to buying stuff to still ur identidy! Amarillo, TX

  • jamski 10/31/2009

    I got the same mail too. I am puzzled why I got one? and no idea of cruises in particular since I know it’s expensive. I launch on the net and check about this….to my surprise IT’s a SCAm!!!!. Thank you so much for helping people like me. Lets fight Scam !!!!

  • JOEL HERREN 11/2/2009

    HAHA, I just got this in the mail today and decided to type in the 1800-733-4223 and it took me to this website. I decided to call them and tell them to take me off of there call list, they said ok and that was it. After reading these comments I noticed a different number someone typed in… I called it and this lady answered…I told her that they were a bunch of scammers and that they were going to HELL!! She goes, So How can I help you today?… What BITCHES!!!

  • ola 11/9/2009

    i knew it was fake from the begining cuz i didnt recall signing up for anything. i used a credit card i havent used in years n immediately canceled it afterwards! so lets see if they will take the money out.
    how does FREE turn into $800 after a long 30min conversation?

  • Christa 11/13/2009

    I to fell for this, but I am still not sure it is a scam. I looked up the address on google maps and yes, it is a residential neighborhood and the Woman that lives there is Lisa Curtin Paralegal and runs her business from there, she says that she rented out a room for office space to them. I also contacted Celebration cruise Lines and asked them if they had any promotions going on and they gave me the number to these people. The lady from celebration cruise lines said they are a wholesaler company and are able to give cruises and vacations at discounted prices and that they are a real company and not a scam and they do promotional cruise packages to sell other vacation packages. As I said before I am not completely convinced that this isn’t a scam, but not that it is either. If anyone can find out any more evidence that this is a scam please let me know and any info on how to get out of it as well. Thank you.

  • sk8techick 11/16/2009

    I JUST CALLED! knowing it was a scam told the girl i didnt want to pay anything thinkign it was a free cruise ship..not even saying hold on one second some guy answers saying because im from canada it will cost 7hundred and something bucks for the airline..i was like ya right im not paying that and told him itsaid it was free then he had the nerveto say “THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME!” i was like excuse me and he said it again!! lol i was like GET A REAL JOB and hung up! I want to call these people back and laugh in there face!

  • Kacey 11/20/2009

    AMAZING!!! And to think at first I thought it was lagit….What ASS HOLES!!!

  • Tony 11/28/2009

    Wow, I just recieved this today in the mail, but it’s printed a little different.
    Mine says Caribbean Cruise Line
    Address 200 Knuth Rd., Suite 101 on the envelope and suite 100 on the inside of the ticket.
    I called a business in the same building, I got an answering machine to return my call, about 15min later a got a return call and a woman (name I wont mention) left a message in my voicemail saying there was a guy that was there and no longer there, he does his business elsewhere and she gave me a number for the owner of the bulding to get more info of who occupy that suite.
    I just called the property owners and left a message, I will post the result of the call once the get back to me.

  • Wordsmith 12/1/2009

    This scam is still circulating; I received my “free cruise” offer yesterday.

  • LN 12/6/2009

    What can I do if I already fell for the scam and my credit card was charged? Please help! I definitely should have researched harder…

  • jim 12/7/2009

    i said awww when i got it an hour ago today.
    its like the same voucher as displayed above but this is from Caribbean cruise line, boynton beach, Fl 33436.
    I thought i won the GOOD MORNING CBS46 reward(island gifts) but it doesnt say anything about FLIGHT. i was sure nobody will give that offer for free hahahaha, So before i scream to anybody i made the reseach and found this like yall did. oh thanks i was planning to take one of my girls lol

  • mwsrn 12/8/2009

    We recieved this letter in the mail and talked with Phillip and Jay over the phone. IT all sounded good but he wanted 798.00 up front. We were reluctanct and he came down as low as 199.0. HOw’s that? Glad to have read this blog. We honestly gave it a thought.
    Thanks again bloggers

  • AMA 12/9/2009

    Thanks for all your help!I received the same letter thank God I research before I actually believe this B.S.

  • Kim 12/11/2009

    🙄 I knew it was too good to be true.
    Thank God i’m not gullible :mrgreen:

  • lily lovelady 12/14/2009

    I got almost the same one, but it was a Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas for 3 days and 2 nights, celebrating their new ship.
    I know a lot of places that ask for the credit card number that are certified companies, so that part I didn’t mind, but when they asked for the 3 digit number on the back of my card I got suspicious and told “Al” that I think this is a scam. He laughed and said it wasn’t, because, and I quote, “these companies[meaning Ramada and Orlando, etc] wouldn’t put their reputation on the line if it were a scam.”

    I’m still suspicious, but at the same time I’m curious because there are tickets like these that aren’t scams, my brother got one that looked a lot like that and it was really a cruise, and he went on the cruise with his wife. Since they didn’t ask me for money up front it lessened my suspicion.

    I gave them the credit card number and everything but immediately after called my bank and had my account put on as a credit only status, so money could only be deposited and not withdrawn.

    I’m waiting to see what happens- my bank said they’d give me a call if anything tried to come through, and if anything happens, the police in my area are looking for it.

    The police will help- it’s part of their job. If you’ve been a victim of any scam from something like this to a pyramid scam, the police can do something about it so you won’t end up owing money to anyone. If any kind of scam happens to you or anyone you know- report it immediately. The sooner the police know about it, the more likely they can do something about it.

    Thanks for posting this- it was a good eye-opener for this whole thing. Plus it got my anti-skepticism husband to understand that most scams like this are run by very intelligent people who know what they’re doing.

  • lily lovelady 12/14/2009


    Call/go to your bank and tell them to put your account on a temporary credit-only status. This will make it so that for a certain period of time nothing can be withdrawn from your account- however long or short you want it.

    Get a new debit/credit card. Get a new one issued by your bank.

    Tell your bank what happened- that is VERY important that you tell them exactly what happened so they know what to watch for.

    Good luck,

  • HC 12/15/2009

    Thanks for the information, and blogs like this. I got one and had been called for so many times for my credit card number. Good thing my instincts still works I also did a little research and did not take a minute to know the truth before going in to anything like this . . . FREE???

    Again thanks for all the people who took time to share the information.

  • Mike 12/22/2009

    I have sued Caribbean Cruise Line twice now. Im interested in speaking with anyone who has purchased this cruise package in the last 18 months. Email me at and tell me what state you are in and how much you paid.

  • Marki Mark 12/28/2009

    Received the offer in the mail today so naturally I had to do a little background check. I am shocked that Alan’s blog was written in January and it’s December now. They survived the whole year and the scam is ongoing?!

  • Eric 1/4/2010

    I received one today for Caribbean Cruise Lines. I live in Chicago, if that helps track this.

  • Louie 1/5/2010

    I received one today for Caribbean Cruises Lines.I live
    in New York, I had my bad felling on this but I would
    like to thank you, your blog was very helpful.

  • rosanna 1/12/2010

    i got the same mail today, FREE BAHAMAS CRUISE FOR TWO ENCLOSE no string attached! AND 1300$ TRAVEL VOUCHER signed by ROBERT MITCHELL. At first i got all excited, i thought ill take my bf with me. On the second thought,I wonder how did i get this? and too bad i cant avail the offer coz am new in Ontario Canada and am not allowed to enter US yet. As for curiosity and to prove my self that it is a scam i check online and BINGO! I’m right. This Scammers are smart alright but not smart enough to fool me! 👿 HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA…. STUPID ASS!

    Hoping to you all if you receive any suspicious letter or offer please check online first b4 giving ur money away.
    Thanks to blog!

  • Max 1/13/2010

    I got the same mail from Caribbean cruise line with the $1300 travel voucher enclosed in it. Was planning to give them a call but thought to do some research online and I am glad I did, thanks to all the bloggers.
    Don’t fall for anything that sounds too good to believe.

  • Bill 1/14/2010

    Wow… it still goes on and on… i’m from around Montreal in Qc, and received one too, and found out they copied some info from Celebration Cruise Line who really get 10 free cruise… But they dont send Random Scam like that!

  • Jake 1/14/2010

    Wow. Unsure what most of you are talking about. I paid the requested $59 per person last February, for my family of 4 (plus one baby) and we booked the trip for June ’09. Got cheap airline tickets from NJ to FL and the cruise worked out great. Just had to sit through one two hour sales promotion in the hotel in Orlando.

    No, I’m not serious. I wouldn’t touch this one with a ten foot stick. 😈

  • Kassie 2/1/2010

    😈 OMG!!!! 😈 How ridiculous is this company!!! I am newly engaged and have been going to bridal expos and giving legit companies my address to send me info on there service like photography flowers and wedding sites. I am sure this is where it came from. I also got caught up in a scam of COOKWORLD where you had to sit through there pitch to get a free vacation which is different from this one but if you bought there package you got a free cruise which im thinking is hooked up to this thing or they at least gave them my info. Isnt there some law against this!!!! Dont buy cookworld is a huge scam!!! but back to this I called them and wanted to know the ins and outs of everything the “senior” sales pitch guy barry was very rude when i started asking questions about the extended package and the voucher which is not a voucher for anything because its just a discount off there vaca which they say is valued at 2700 dollars and then i said so the 1300 voucher is taken off and they say that they make it come out to only 500 that we would pay but i have no clue where they came up with that number. because 1300-2700=1400 not 500 so they are already bullshitting me so i called the guy out and he said he wasnt being rude continued to talk to me in the same demeaning tone and i hung up on him he called back told him i couldnt afford it transfered me to his general manager her name was unique and i couldnt remember it she was nice still trying to sell me i told her no after she gave me the final price which she added food and took money off SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!! I know i hung up on the guy but I confronted him first and he still persisted to be rude. She hung up cus i didnt fall for there scam. I called back and asked for customer service that i wanted to buy “airfare” from them. The person never gave me there name so i said im sorry i didnt catch your name she said TINA and then i continued to rant and complain about the GM actually she tells me that she is the GM the one i was complaining about and ignored my question of why she misrepresented herself. She was now trying to be a sweet heart and I tore her a new one and she hung up. My fiance called back and just wanted to get it on record how horrible of a company and a GM she is. And they said she is the President of something and runs the show!! I can’t express this enough PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not buy from COOKWORLD CHEFWORLD OR CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE!!! If anything trust me you don’t want to pay these horrible people’s salaries!!!

  • Rick 2/4/2010

    Check out the address
    531 SE 5th Court, Pompano Beach, FL 33060
    on Google Streetview and you will see that it is a little house in a modest neighbourhood.

    Their new address, not far from the old address, 200 Knuth Rd. Suite 100, Boynton Beach, FL 33436 as seen on Streetview is a lowrise on a two lane road in the middle of nowhere.

    Do not give them your credit card. If you had won something, it would be free.

  • Charlene 2/6/2010

    I went on the Free 3 day/2 night Caribbean Cruise Line trip. I used this site: and yes it was legit. You do have to pay for your on transportation to and from the port. This would be a great cruise for someone cruising for the first time and short on money, but this was my third time. So, I did have a couple of complaints. I had never departed from that port (Port Everglades)before. I hate it. It was not organized or pleasant to look at. Their registration building looks run down. Everthing looked like it (the port) needed remodeling. Jacksonsville’s port looks great compared to this one. The ship was bigger than I thought for a 2 night trip and it looked beautiful once we entered- I felt better. However, this was a free trip. I noticed that we kept passing some nice cabins and kept going lower and lower. When he opened the door, I was speechless. I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. I’m a Christian so I try to watch my language, but this was like a nightmare. I thought that the steward was playing. It was so small that we couldn’t move around. To me it was too small for 1 person and you know how females pack. I didn’t know that they made cabins that small. I expressed my disappointment to the steward and he told us who to see. I cordially expressed my issues to the manager and he politely gave us a free upgrade. God is great! The upgrade he gave us was a regular size inside cabin that was spacious. However, my cousin and I decided to pay an extra $100.00 to get a window (oceanview) room. This is not necessary to have fun since hopefully you’ll spend most of your time out of the room. This was her first time and I wanted it to be amazing for her. After we changed rooms, it actually was amazing. 😀 You just have to be careful of the photographers (their photos are expensive) but this happens on most ships. Just take plenty of your own film or a digital camera. Since it’s only morning until late afternoon (about 4 pm) in Nassau, you have to make sure that you use your time wisely and pick the best tours. We selected Cable Beach w/ the lunch deal and were not disappointed. Another great option is the Atlantis Tour, Paradise Island, or Blackbeard Cay which I did on previous cruises. However, I think that Cable Beach was the best because we got a tour of the city as we rode on the van to the beach. I saw residential parts of the city that I had never seen when visiting before. I was going to give up on visiting the Bahamas again since I had gone so much but this tour gave me a greater appreciation for the Island and I actually may go back a 4th time. The only catch with this free cruise was we had to do a tour of some Resorts. You can see the resorts before or after the cruise. We selected to go after the cruise and I didn’t regret it. I actually ended up buying a timeshare. 🙂 and it’s a great deal for me since I love to travel so much. They did give us 2 free vouchers for vacations to Daytona Beach and our choice of Las Vegas, Virginia, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale. The Daytona Beach voucher looks legit and I visited the agency that gave it to me (South Florida Welcome Center) on 5100 N. State Road 7 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319. Their number is It’s located inside of the Ramada Inn. I’m not sure about the other voucher because it has the address that you all mentioned: 531 SE 5th Court, Pompano Beach FL 33060. Before sending it off, I wanted a phone number to it and came to this site. Reading your comments I found out that there is possible a new address. I’m definitely going to look into the second voucher some more before sending it. I did use the 531 SE 5th Court address to set up my cruise and correspond with no problem. I’m not sure if it works out well for a Resort vacation however. Thanks for all of your input everyone. I’ll check out those phone numbers that you provided.

  • Charlene 2/6/2010

    Oops, I forgot to add the number to the South Florida Welcome Center on 5100 N. State Road 7 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33319: 954-735-7474.

    Have a great day!!!

  • Jack 2/10/2010

    I was curious and suspicious. Unfortunately, I got in telephonic contact with Caribbean Cruise Lines. Since then the telephone calls come three times a day. I think the thing is a scam to lure one into a postion to be pressured into buying vacations/time shares.

    Apparently Caribbean Cruise Lines is not connected with Celebration Cruise Lines – other than Caribbean just uses their ship to keep you hostage while they subject you to their sales pitches.

  • Kristy 2/11/2010

    I went on this trip to Ft. Lauderdale and on the cruise. I chose not to take the Orlando part of the vacation, but they said I could take it later. It is not a complete scam. The accommodations are real. The hidden charges are what pissed me off. It is not worth the end cost. It is not free.

  • ashleigh 2/12/2010

    thank you everyone!!! im so happy i researched this 1st! i just knew this was a scam!

  • Kristy 2/20/2010

    It’s really not a scam. Read this for details of how it works:

  • NICOLE VAILLANT 2/22/2010

    I received this at my place of employment. We receive bonuses at work which allow us to purchase online visa cards for the internet. So i purchased some books with it one time and I”m assuming this is how they got the address. Obviously, I want off their mailing list so that my employer doesn’t receive these anymore, does anyone know how to do this swiftly. If so, please please let me know.

    Nicole IN Winnipeg Canada

  • snowedinpa 3/2/2010

    might of been good if real…snowed in pa..84″ of snow so far an more coming
    😈 😯 💡 👿 😕 ❓

  • anna_0range 3/3/2010

    Hi there, i worked for this company. Now the thing with this is that the cruise is guaranteed to everyone who calls in about the promotion. They simply try to get your to upgrade to the extended stay package. If you do not purchase the extended stay package then you need to pay your port and departure fees to us so we can send you your pre-paid tickets…They cant just sent you free tickets without commitment from you to book a room. That money of for 3 things 1.the bohemian government 2.your processing fees change flexibility…So if you change your date of the cruise more than once there wont be a penalty fee for having to reserve another room.

    When you give the confirmation number over the phone is confirms as a caller in the data base, so if you call back again about the cruise it is not available to you. This is because of the one call per house hold policy.

    I know many people who have taken the package and been very pleased with it.

    I cant explain the address issue, and i cant explain you not being able to purchase the cruise online….probably because depending on the caller there are different packages available.

    All in all, 798 for the package is not a bad deal.

  • tasha 3/4/2010

    I received one of those today and i live in al. i don’t even have a credit card and for the one who worked for them i have a tendency to believ the 50 other complaints that this is a scam thank you so much for this site 🙄

  • valerie 3/18/2010

    I also received this junk mail too about wining a caribbean cruise for 2, these people must be very bored and just love to scam people I wish there was something we could do about this

  • rbarry 3/22/2010

    You people are making me worry. My aunt and I have booked this Ft. Lauderdale, Caribbean cruise, and Orlando. We paid 495 plus port fees of 119. This all seems reasonable for what you are getting. We have made our plane reservations for November. I hope this is for real. We don’t want to arrive with no place to stay and no cruise. So far everything I have checked is legit. So we shall see. I do expect additional charges such a gratutity for each day we are on the ship and possible taxes on car and hotels. If that’s all it is, no big deal. You stil couldn’t take this trip any cheaper.

  • Todd 3/30/2010

    This is not a scam….It is a legitimate cruise, but certainly NOT free. IF any of you are willing to pay $600 – $700 for a 2 day cruise, why not go to a legitimate cruise company and do your own bookings. We have just booked a 7 day cruise with a major cruise line, and interior rooms for 2 (with all taxes and port fees) are less than $900. Why not just pay the extra few hundred, have an entire week long cruise, and not worry about if this is a scam.

  • Leanne 4/7/2010

    I rec’d one in the mail April 6th, 2010 and also rec’d one several years ago. Interestingly enough, its receipt seems to coincide with my Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entry. A coincidence or no? Anyone else make the same correlation?

  • Chery Ong 4/20/2010

    Got a similar mail–thanks for all the reports!

  • me 4/20/2010

    good thing for this site. i would of driven all the way down to florida for this thing with my girl. piece of s*** a**holes need to get a life

  • Benjamin 4/20/2010

    I received this is the mail today. I assumed it was a scam, but thank you very much for the confirmation.

  • Courtney 4/22/2010

    I recieved this piece of JUNK mail a couple of days ago. I must admit my initial reaction was one of excitement. That reaction didn’t last long, I started assuming SCAM soon after opening. The day before I had been at a women’s show and entered a bunch of drawings. One of them was for a cruise. The dates just didn’t match up however. My voucher was dated 4/17/10 and signed by a Robert Mitchell, but I hadn’t entered the drawing until 4/18/10. Seem fishy to snyone else? This voucher was coming from a “Caribbean Cruise Line” office in Kissismmee Florida. It would be great to take a vacation, just NOT this one. These people are up to no good. Thanks for everyone’s input on this SCAM!

  • Brain Cells Robert 4/29/2010

    Congratulations, I too received this Caribbean Cruise delight. I don’t know where these bastards got my name and address from but will be forwarded to my local police department for further investigation. These scams must be stopped! and prosecuted.

    Remember the old adage, if it is too good to be true, it is probably not.

  • south carolina 5/24/2010

    I guess they still haven’t stoped, I got one today, going to burn it, they are doing the same agreement but with different peoples names thank you for saving me money i don’t have to lose

  • Vero Beach 5/26/2010

    I’m so annoyed with these damn bastards! I”m just wondering where these idiots got my name and address from!! Is anything sacred?????

  • david iovino 5/28/2010

    It is May 28 and this cruise scam continues. If this is not against the law, it should be. Disgustingly deceptive. Don’t be a fool. Trash the letter!

  • Mangalam 7/1/2010

    Thanks for putting up the pictures of the document…. I Called them just to check wht they are talking about…. And it was a loadful of SHIT!!!

  • Tanya 9/7/2010

    September 7, 2010
    I am a full time travel agent near Montreal, Quebec.
    I got the same f**k thing, I specialize in cruises and their is no such cruiseline. I even checked out their website their is not contact info. I wonder how many people actually received this spam mail. Who is tracking down these scammers??? How or who can we complain too? If should be agaist the law I totally agree.

  • Linck 9/17/2010

    I received one from this so called cruise line. It has an address of 301 Broadway ste 101B riviera beach Florida. I looked it up on Google earth and found it to be a port for containers and petroleum products.

  • Brittney 9/27/2010

    I just got the same letter in the mail today. It was from Caribbean Cruise Line. It has all of the same info as all of the rest of you alls mail. It seemed to good to be true. So I had to do some research and I came upon this site. Its amazing that a lot of people received this SCAM. I live in Kentucky. This makes you wanna research every offer you get now.

  • tess 10/24/2010

    🙄 received the same caribbean cruise line as you guys have mentioned (10/23/10) and said to my son, should I be excited since this looks fake, called the next day and spoke to a lady name EVELYN FECCI fake too,she also gave her # FYT 40150 she was talking crap but I wanted to know more and sud got cut off called again and a guy read my address out bla bla forgot his name he said I need to pay 59$ per person after asking him a few Q I ask how I was selected since I have never applied for same he said it was random and I was the lucky one and also bla bla anyway I said I had to talk to my husband and he said I am sure he would not mind 😆 he said one call per person and cannot try again well I said i will call him back he said the same 1 call thing maybe I will put u onto the ship owner bla bla and he did and the guy went on & on and wanted my credit # said I will call back as I was susp but bla bla asking for my cc or I will miss the chance bla bla I then cut him off and google and found this site thanks thanks ——-get these fsssss what are the cops doing?

  • Lisa 11/5/2010

    This is toooo funny! I’m on the phone with these idiots as i type this!! Knowing it was a scam, I decided to call the number and mess with them the same way they mess with us. After allowing the guy (Alex #EN5474) to talk to me about this free cruise for over 30 minutes, I told him I wasn’t interested once he asked for credit card info!!! He has no way of calling me back since I gave him the wrong number. Oh and by the way, the new address is Port of Palm Beach, 301 Broadway STE 101B, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. Be careful and don’t fall for it guys!!

  • kollette plummer 11/5/2010

    Thanks for putting up the pictures of the document…. I Called them just to check wht they are talking about…. And it was a loadful of SHIT!!!

  • john 12/6/2010

    Je suis de montréal Qc et j’ai reçu exactement les même documents aujourd’hui.Ma copine a appelé sans se méfier et malheureusement elle a donné son numéro de carte de crédit.Ne faites pas la même chose!!!Elle va surement perdre 500$ pour les taxes et les frais portuaire comme il le dise.Don’t call them.

  • Anusha 12/13/2010

    Thank you all for the info!
    I got one in the mail today. Got all excited too, but was still suspicious about it. So decided to look into it. They have a website set up now.
    Was still not feeling assured, so decided to contact Port of Palm Beach, the issuing office of the $1300 credit voucher. Port of Palm Beach web address( Called them: 1-561-383-4100. A girl answered, I asked her how legit this offer was, she was very reassuring. Endlessly repeating that many people called her to confirm that this is legal and that it’s true and that it’s not a scam. I told her I was from Canada and if this offer would apply to Canadian residents. She said it wouldn’t matter. She also mentioned that Caribbean Cruise Line and a Time share Company were tenants in her building and they had gotten together to offer promotions to bring in more business. I hung up with her and decided to look into it a bit more. Googled ‘Robert Mitchell Caribbean Cruise Line’ and came across this Blog!

  • Christinna 12/18/2010

    I received one of the free cruise with $1300.00 voucher letters in the mail today (12/18/2010). I never win anything and was excited at first and decided to check it out and glad I did, after 5 minutes of research on the internet I had read enough! Thank you for saving me alot of time, money, headache and heartache. Nothing comes “free” with “no strings attatched”. Beware!!

  • Lisa 1/2/2011

    I recieved one as well. It had my sister and my name on it! The only place we have given our adress together was at the Salon Marions Nous!

  • Moi 1/17/2011

    Just looking for a way to remove my information from their mailing list. Anyone know of an email address?

  • JOAN 1/27/2011

    a couple of years ago i signed up for the trip
    when i got the letter my husband was very upset
    because we had to put so much down on the trip
    but we went it was bad. they tried to push us to buy
    a time share condo. we we in our late 60s so for us
    it was not a good idea. and being Canadian. we always
    went to Florida anyway but we got some days in
    Florida a cruise and then back to Orlando. they we
    went to Treasure Island where we always went for our holidays. i would say it was really not all that bad
    we could have gone to Las Vegas and somewhere else for the money we paid. I would never do that again
    but they do tell you the idea is that they want you to listen to their speech and sell you a time share
    they push and push and lower and lower the price each time , then they send it the closer and they really push. but we said no no. and finally we went on our way. but i would do it again. so be aware of what you are paying for and watch out for scammers

  • JOAN 1/27/2011

    whoops my spelling was bad in the above quote.
    but i must say again be aware of what you are doing
    giving our your credit card. and always be aware of

  • Ben 2/3/2011

    If you call “Celebration Cruise Line,” they will tell you that “Caribbean Cruise Line” is actually a contracted wholesaler being a legitimate business partner. The representative told me to not worry about it being a scam but be aware that I would be responsible for taxes and such. All other offers (i.e. an orlando vacation) are also contracted wholesale offers from other companies. So they will they will be trying to get you to buy other offers.

  • Cardena 2/4/2011

    I received the same phone call as every body else we should tell someone or talk to the responsible of this because they are playing with us and that is not fair for anyone we have enough with the wedding’s pressure to received this calls STOP THIS CALLS THEY MAKE NO SENSE TO ANYONE SO STOP WASTING YOUR TIME WORKING FOR COOKWORLDUSA.COM

    😳 😳 😳

  • Dora 2/10/2011

    Thank you all for this information.My husband actually fell into their trap and agreed to instalmental payment of 100 dollars a month for six months.when he called to tell me about this, i decided to google the address and i found myself fooled.we immedately called the bank to stop the payment.

  • Alice N. Nulls 3/3/2011

    OMG! Alan Yu, I just got a freaking rip off mail today! I felt so happy for a short moment until I arrived home to check the legit contact info online. I found your helpful website explained how stupid I was to almost make a phone call to confirm a cruise line free ticket. I just got married plus I am an Asian like you. Thx Alan Yu for declare the truth to the public b4 some innocent commit fruad

  • Alice N. Nulls 3/3/2011

    U know what friends, let end this fraud. I am bringing this letter to the Authority. I ensure reduce this scam. People are having a tough time living life and has happen to waste time to put themselves, their financial situation to this illegal document. Let make them know justice is exist in this world!!!!! God please forgive them after sentence them to jail

  • KING KONG @ CANADA 3/4/2011

    I got the same mail; junk it already.

  • piroman 3/28/2011

    I have called the number 18003018076 and repatedly asked them the question “do you have a bussiness license and if so can i have the number?”LOL lmao the trick is to keep them on their line as long as possible and then do it again and again.

  • piroman 3/28/2011

    Come on people we can do it if everyone picks upo the phone and dials their number and keep asking them stupid questions like whats you bussiness number and why are you operating in canada without a license to sell we can succeed and keep them from scaming others.

  • Arty 4/10/2011

    My family and i are thinking about selecting a Carnival Cruise to Progresso, Mexico, and then Cozumel. It is a 5 Day trip departing out of Mobile. Anyone have any experience with this specific vacation cruise? I are unable to uncover much information in relation to Progresso

  • nihad 5/6/2011

    the same letter was sent to me a few days ago,for a while i did not believed it;so i decided to call them back to make certain it was not a jocke and i have been selected at random .A nice voice of a women told me that i won a free cruise ship from FL to Bahamas for 7 days and i have to pay 389$ for fees,she told me to give her my number credi card,at that moment i have realized that it was a scam 😉 i told her that it be carefull with this people 😆

  • Bianca 7/2/2011

    Florida law gives the consumer some protection in the matter of cancellations, by providing that a contract for a vacation certificate may be canceled in writing within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the vacation certificate. The consumer may also cancel if the accommodations and facilities are not available as provided in the contract.

    If a travel package is not a vacation certificate, then the law requires that the consumer be informed that it is non-refundable before making any payment or signing a contract.

    Keep in mind with regard to cancellations: the entire amount involved is refundable. Unethical sellers of travel may offer to refund all but a certain amount, but they are required to refund the full amount paid to the seller of travel, if the consumer cancels the vacation package, in writing and returns the vacation package, within 30 days of purchase or receipt of the vacation package

    Phone 954-630-9449 Ext. 4114
    Complaints 1947
    License Type License# Issued Expires Status
    Seller of Travel ST30427 06/01/98 11/20/10 Closed – out of business
    DBA/Other Names
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations
    Lambert, Daniel
    Orlando Welcome Center At Splendid China
    Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale Vacations
    Complaint History 2008 2009 2010 2011
    Closed Referred to other Agency 2 1 0 0
    Closed Satisfactory 1147 678 93 12
    Closed Unsatisfactorily 2 0 0 0
    Closed, valid Do Not Call complaint 0 0 1 0
    Mediation unsuccessful w/business 1 0 0 0
    Mediation unsuccessful w/consumer 4 6 0 0

  • jason 7/16/2011

    thanks for this site… actually, this is my 2nd time to get a mail like this.. the first one was 2 years ago and I disregarded it knowing it was a scam. I got one again today, and due to curiousity, I checked it out on google thinking at the back of my mind, this may be legit after all. good thing, i saw this site and it reaffirm my first hunch that indeed this is just a scam…

  • Neva Kolthoff 7/25/2011

    Why would a small business want to purchase a property? I just think renting or leasing is more realistic

  • Silentrose 7/29/2011

    Let me just say, I got this Free Cruise Voucher Boarding Pass in the mail for the Caribbean Cruise Line. I was like “Really?! 😯 ” Take note, my husband and I just recently got married and I was like “man, this sounds great for our anniversary trip” Now, I’ve never in my life have made a decision to make a trip especially like this one. I’ve never been on a cruise at all! So, I was excited and I was like “i’ma check it out because after all the Voucher does say call in the next 72 hours to claim your free cruise” All this happened yesterday when I was on the road reading the mail and my husband was driving. I was like “Babe! Hurry and get home before the 72hrs is over!” Lol I was an idiot :mrgreen: .. Dude, I call this place once we got home and I went through 7 people. I spoke with Reggie Singer, ID: En1851. I spoke to Indie and Paul, I spoke to Ty Allen ID: En1333. I spoke to a rude lady that I wish I could remember her name but she was going bonkers when I told her “um nah, I rather drop this.” She said “THEN WHY DID YOU CALL?! 👿 YOU CALLED BECAUSE YOU WERE INTERESTED! THINK ABOUT IT, ITS FREE!” Well no joke, I stayed on the phone with them for 3 hours and didn’t get off till 10:30 pm. Once they finally talked me into it. I did give my credit card number and now I regret it. That night I slept on it and I had a horrible dream that everything went HORRIBLE on the cruise. I dreamt that we got on this ship and the room was so freakin tight that me and my husband couldn’t maneuver in it. The food was nasty and cold. The people were rude. I woke up and I was like “screw this!! I’m canceling!!” I was worried because I had already gave my cc#. I called several times told them that I wanted to cancel and 2 people hung up on me. One of the ladies that was talking to me dropped the fone, all i heard was people talking and yelling in the background and the lady was like “i’m sorry hold on one minute. Thank you for holding, now where do u work? How old are you? How long have u been married? I heard u like horses, well we have off the ship horseback riding entertainment!” I was like “well yeah, do i have to pay for it? She said “everything on the ship is free, yes mam.” I’m like “well that’s not what I asked” She dropped the fone again “I’m sorry, what was that question?”. I was like screw this too And i told her i wanted to speak with the Supervisor Andrew Hernandez… nice guy. I said “look, I don’t know what’s going on but I spoke to a rude lady, then I spoke to another lady who dropped the fone twice, there’s ppl yelling in the background and they handed the fone to 4 people back and forth, I really want to cancel this.” He was at first persuading me to change my mind I said “look it just seems like these ppl calling me are working in some basement with all these computers and crap trying to get cc#, this doesn’t sound professional, your manager has dropped the fone twice! If you were in my shoes u’d do the same thing. So, drop the whole thing please. I don’t appreciate the fact that yall don’t tell me the cons of this trip but only the pros. Yall never told me that I had to pay for gas for the car we rent, that we had to pay for gratuity, taxes for the hotel, parking fees, taxes for the cabin” He said “of course we did!” I said “of course yall didn’t! That’s why I’m calling to cancel this because I read a lot of crap about you guys online and i just don’t want to do it. How can you call a trip free if I have to end up paying for something?? So cancel please!” Thank God, he finally canceled it but the payment was already pending on Chase Credit Card $598. He sent me an email of a receipt saying that “this is a confirmation that a refund of 598 was credited back to ur account.” I have printed everything, I have kept everyones name on file and their Id’s, phone numbers and schedules. I want to cancel my credit card but I can’t right now because I’m waiting on my husband to get home from work since he is the holder of account. I just hope that i don’t get charged on chase for this because the transaction was still pending when I canceled. So incase they got my info… I still want to cancel this credit card cuz it was paid off from the very beginning anyways.

    Now, I will say. This Pass Voucher is Legit but u do have to ask for details. It does end up being cheaper than paying for it without the 75% discount. And they do pay for ur food but not gratuity. They pay for ur car rental but not for the parking fee or gas. They pay for the hotel but not taxes for room service. Without the discount this cruise line would be around almost 4 grand going and coming back, that’s including all expenses food and all for 2 ppl. With this discount that they are offering i would end up paying half of that. So this company is legit. But i did not want to pay that much anyways for a cruise for our anniversary because I did want to go to Savannah Georgia anyways because it’s cheaper and still very nice! They are trying to get customers to accept so that is why they are so annoying and persuasive because the economy is bad and it’s going bad for them too. But do not give any information until u get all the details! The pros and cons of this cruise line! Don’t give them your SSN because they DONT NEED IT. What hurts is not asking questions.. so always ask! They were actually offering to me and my husband $598 for 7 days on the ship but 99$ per person for Port fees and alcohol and gambling was going to be charged if we did so but we don’t do neither of it. They were going to give us a nice cabin, ocean view that fits 4 ppl. Food was free. But they would not mention the hidden expenses like I explained above. So, once again. Ask! Over all… it sounded great but was still too expensive for me and plus I don’t know how the experience would’ve been so I was skeptical and uneasy about it all. So, hopefully I can get this cc canceled soon before anything comes up. All I have to say to these Cruiselines is yall need to sound more professional and always expalin the pros and cons for what yall offer and be honest and don’t ask for the cc# right aways because as hard as it is for the economy right now… a question like that will throw anyone off, even the president lol. And TAKE YOUR TIME AND STOP RUSHING! Oh and yea… DONT DROP THE PHONE! Good luck ppl! 😉

  • christina 9/9/2011

    wow thanks for this site i just got mine in the mail today so i decided to right it up and check it out and i got this site i got the same darn vouchers 😳 but my guys name was robert mitchell stuped people gotta get a real job and stop scamming such low lifes 👿 and im from far down east in canada but thanks to you guys i managed to check into it befor it was to late thank you for makking this site. 😉

  • danny 9/19/2011

    Your Vacation Package Will Include:

    2 Night Cruise for two aboard the Bahamas Celebration to Grand Bahama Island, with all your meals, entertainment and activities included onboard.
    $50.00 in Casino Match Play valid aboard ship in the Wynmore Casino.

    Your total package cost is only $59 per person for the 1st and 2nd passengers, based on double occupancy.
    if you wish to add a 3rd and 4th Cruise Passenger in the same cabin, additional costs are only:
    ages 12 and under $99
    ages 13 and over $129
    The 3rd & 4th travelers in All Florida Hotels stay absolutely Free of charge*
    About our Cruise Line:

    Caribbean Cruise Line is proud to announce our flagship the Bahamas Celebration, and it’s selection by the Chief Editor of the prestigious Porthole Magazine as the “Best Bahamas Getaway Cruise in 2011”!

    Caribbean Cruise Line is the Exclusive Cruise Line of the Port of Palm Beach; and has been called the Port’s “Crown Jewel” by the Port’s Executive Director Manny Almira.

    Check out these videos of past travelers

    Click this To View Bahamas Celebration Video

    Our flagship, the Bahamas Celebration, conveniently departs from the Port of Palm Beach in South Florida at 5:30 P.M. (EST), and travels round trip to Grand Bahama Island – widely regarded as “The Jewel of the Bahamas.” This tropical island paradise is known for its unspoiled powder-white beaches, crystal clear blue waters and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also home to our luxurious resort destinations.

    Our luxury mid-size cruise ship boasts 500 well-appointed cabins, allowing us to travel up to 1,500 passengers comfortably. Cabin décor is modern and comfortable. With 24-hour room service available, and an emphasis on service throughout the ship, the Bahamas Celebration offers our travelers a memorable onboard cruise experience.

    Everyone knows cruising and dining are synonymous, and with the Bahamas Celebration, it’s no different. Multiple dining venues offer our passengers the choice of four distinct restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine sure to satisfy whatever their appetite is in the mood for. For starters, Rio’s is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian-style steakhouse and buffet, where gaucho carvers slice and serve up delicious meats. Trattoria Di Gerry is a casual Italian restaurant serving pizza, pasta, and salads until 3 am for quick bites and passengers with a late-night appetite. The Crystal Dining Room serves classic American fare from a broad menu, and the romantic Cove Restaurant is perfect for upscale dining. Of course, there’s also a delectable Buffet area on the upper deck pool along with relaxed pub and snack areas.

    There are also lots of amenities to enjoy onboard; including the extraordinary Fountain of Youth Spa to relax in, an invigorating Gym to work off some calories, a convenient full Beauty Salon, the Treasure Chest Gift Shop for that special present, the spacious Wynmore Casino with all the games of chance, our chic multi-story night club The View for dancing and entertainment, our delightful British-style Pub 437 for darts and a pint, the Ocean Breeze Lounge for viewing their favorite sporting event, an Internet Café to catch up with friends and family back home, a refreshing swimming pool on deck, and many fun kids’ areas for families with children of all ages. The options and fun are endless!

    For more information visit us at


    Robert Mitchell
    Caribbean Cruise Line
    Port of Palm Beach
    301 Broadway STE 101B
    Riviera Beach, FL 33404
    Customer Care: Toll Free 1-800-221-8200,
    Monday – Friday 9 AM till 10 PM,
    and for your convenience Saturday 10 AM till 4 PM

    Passports on the ship are not needed, but are useful and make getting on and off the cruise easier. For cruise only passengers that do not have a passport, a driver’s license and raised-seal birth certificate are required.

    For our customers that are staying on Grand Bahama Island with one of our stay and play packages, a passport is absolutely necessary.

    Get your Passport from U.S. Deptment of State
    If you want to get your Passport faster go here .

    Caribbean Cruise Line is registered, licensed and bonded with the State of Florida.
    S.O.T. Registration No. ST-37425.

  • danny 9/19/2011

    what do you think? :))

  • Marlinn 9/21/2011

    I just got the same thing!!! I asked the guy why should I be providing him with my card info, and he reacted defensively immediately! I just hung off the phone, and look for some details online! and I found this! lol

  • Trump Tower 9/25/2011

    This post was very nicely written, plus it contains many useful facts. I enjoyed your professional types of penning this post. You have made it very easy will understand.

  • Sara K. 9/28/2011

    For the few who fell for this and they ran your card and it got approved, did you get your money back when you asked for the refund?

  • Carolyn N. 10/24/2011

    Thank GOD I googled this, I’m usually suspicious of this kind of mail, but for a moment, it had me. I thank you again for supplying people with information about this scam. But I have to admit, the voucher’s really do look real, what a shame…

  • ddd 11/17/2011

    Has anybody actually gone to this trip? It seems like everybody is saying this is a scam but nobody has actually tried it out all the way.

  • Mr. UFO 11/22/2011

    hello, everyone. on November 22, 2011. i recieved it the letter. about trip “Caribbean Crusie Line” almost same ticket for $1,300.00
    thank you, i readed it about the fake this ticket of trip and $1,300.00. because it scammm. whosoever get cheat up the letter and ticket trip and send it, somebody. it awfull. they love the money and riches. nitwit. 😎 very scammer.

  • J 5/16/2012

    If it sounds to good to be true…it usually is. If you want a real vacation, don’t pay for CRAP like this, pay good money to get a good vacation!!!

  • Keaton 8/3/2012

    Tore the thing up two minutes after opening it. Didn’t even bother to check online. Doing so just confirmed my suspicions.

  • jo 9/1/2012

    OMG … i just got it & i even called but they wanted my info but i didnt have it either way they asked for 118.00 the thing is it was issue on aug . 21,2012 but it said call in 72 hrs . and funny thing is i called a week later and they still wanted to go threw with it SMDH ! thank god it was like a good sign i didnt have my debit card on me and just my temp . so they couldnt accept that since they need the exp date and all of that and the thing is why you need to pay when it says FREE ! that isnt FREE if we are paying some money . im a single mother of 2 i wish it was real i need a trip but i dont wanna be screwed over like that when i need this money for my daughters . i wanna call em back and tell them i know its a scam & see what they say smdfh at them -____-

  • aabbafg 9/8/2012

    Received one few day ago.
    Past 3 hours searching about this offer.
    Address change again now it is 301 Broadway, Suite 101B, Riviera Beach , FL 33404.
    On other sides found few + feedbacks,
    Did any one went & experience this at all.

  • Kat 9/28/2012

    Received this mail today 28/9/12 in Waterloo Canada, for a fleeting moment I got excited but them this nagging thought reminded me it is a scam they will be asking for money somewhere so as I read the voucher document I am seeing the taxes to be paid etc….
    where the heck did they get my address from….to this end I am through applying online for anything cause my information is not safe…. do not give out your personal information on the phone or internet especially cc# or ss#….

    I have already thrown it in the trash…

    Thanks for the reviews very helpful..

    Read her experience aabbafg she said she went on the trip…

    The Truth Behind Caribbean Cruise Line’s Vacation Packages
    The Ft. Lauderdale and Bahamas Experience

  • CCL 11/8/2012

    NOTICE OF POTENTIAL CLASS ACTION. We are conducting an investigation into this matter for a potential class action lawsuit. If you are willing to share your story, please send us a confidential email at Thanks for your time.

  • Randy V 12/7/2012

    This is standard advertising for this kind of thing. I’m not advocating for them at all, but if you went on any kind of cruise, you would still have to pay all those fees, and yes, the cruise part itself is free, but who in the world wants to spend two nights on a boat and one day trapped in tourist land for the price of $500+ ? The reason they have a one-call policy is to try to force you into making a quick decision to commit yourself right then and there. And to the person who said a similar trip for two would cost $4000 – what planet do you live on? This is two nights in a sardine can. You can get similar deals for $70/day/person if you look around a bit (+ the fees, of course).

  • Tom Ashworth 1/1/2013


    I was taken…I won this cruise supposedly on which is a ripoff in itself, but I digress. I went through all the crap and sent them a check $118 for the port fees ($59 per person). A month later I called them and they said they have not recieved the check. Then two weeks after that they called me saying I owed $118 for the port fees, so I figured the check got lost in the mail.

    I then gave them my debit card number and they promptly charged the $118.00 on it. Then two days later my check was cashed, so it was another $118.00 out of my account.

    I then called them and they said sorry no refunds but if I give them $224 they will upgrade my cabin and use the extra $118 I paid toward that.

    I then get on the computer and see 1000’s of people complaining about this scam. I am scheduled to go on the cruise on May 2, 2013, but not sure now if I will even go. I am thinking about writing off the $236 to experience and moving on.

  • P Thib 4/22/2013

    My husband and I purchased this deal and it was awesome. This was our honeymoon getaway after we married in a castle in Scotland. The Ramada in was a crappy hotel, granted and the sales pitch we had to attend sucked. BUT it was well worth the trip as a whole. We had a blast on the cruise. Our cabin was a good size, the food was excellent, we met a ton of people and the Bahamas… well, it was beautiful. One excursion you cannot miss in the Bahamas is the bonfire on the beach. My hubby and I had the best time there. A great day excursion we took was a kayak tour with Chad 4 nature tours.

    Our trip went off without a hitch. There were no issues, the people were great. I too, along with some of the other writers almost didn’t go. BUT I AM SO GLAD I DID! It was my first cruise and it was a make it or break it situation for me. I love cruising because of this first great experience.

    It was affordable, even with some of the little fees you have to pay here and there! As far as the Florida portion goes, we stayed in Keys West and that was awesome as Ft. Lauderdale sucks. We spent a day at South Beach and that is an experience within itself. I’d go again in a heartbeat and I hope you are willing to try it. Remember the Bahamas portion is where the money’s at!!!

  • Krista 6/5/2013

    I just called the Cruise company and actually had pleasant conversations with two of their people. They were very nice (albeit they tried to ask for 118 per person instead of 59 per person as it states on the voucher – probably trying to take advantage of those who don’t read the fine print). I decided not to go through with it even though a cruise sounds great, I didn’t know the quality of the cruise. Everyone is saying it’s a scam but nobody says why. Just because they’re taking advantage of the naive customers doesn’t make them scammers (sure, it makes them bad people but they still follow through with the cruise). You just have to be smarter than them with the “port fees”, get it down to 59 pp and then enjoy the cruise (if you can stand the sales pitches). Maybe I should’ve done it just for the life experience. But maybe not. Who knows? 😛

  • AMANDA 9/20/2013


  • Alisha 9/23/2013

    They’re still at it! Today I called and almost fell for it. Luckily I stuck with my gut. The lady however, waited patiently for me to three-way call my husband. Our offer was 3 nights and two days for $59 each person (port fees and taxes). All meals included plus $1200 check for us to cash as well.
    When I told her I thought it was a scam she said:
    1. You’ve got the vouchers in your hand. I mean, look at what good quality they are.
    2. Our company has been around for 3 years, if this was a scam, it wouldn’t have lasted this long. I just don’t want you to miss out on such a great opportunity!
    3. She also asked me if if like to talk to someone about her. DONT FALL FOR THAT!! Obviously the person speaking highly of her would be in on the scam too.
    4. She sent me more information from this email address:

    Good luck everyone!! Stay informed, and even if you have to research while your speaking to them, like I did.. It’s better to find out for sure before you’re a victim!

  • darren 10/8/2013

    i just received one today, surprised to have read though they’ve been doing this for a while.. 😯 from where do they get our particulars though?

  • Laura 11/4/2013

    We too had this happen to us we went and boy did we pay and pay and pay. Our flight was separate, same with the vouchers we had to pay tax. Our hotel pay tax…. it never ended and the worst was the time share presentation they got us, we almost had to call the police they were being so persistent and would not take NO for an answer… It got bad 4 hours of talking. Finaly 😈 🙁 we walked out.. Never again……………….

  • Connie 11/25/2013

    Just got the call that said I won a free cruise to the Bahamas through one of my credit cards. 2 people for 118 port taxes. I am a Referring Travel Agent and I am thankful for Danny’s input. Just went to a great training Saturday that told us to get away from negative people. Thanks for all the input about this opportunity and all the red flags raised. Perhaps they should say mostly free cruise.

  • Brenda 5/21/2014

    If you have never been on the cruise, why are you complaining? Everyone who has been on the cruise said it was a nice time. Don’t rate something you have never done.

  • Mohammed Bouali 7/24/2014

    I had a call on July the 21th 2014, from this cruise line agency . The girl told me that.m I win 2 free ticket to get on the cruise to Bahamas , I myself know about the fraud companies . But I listened to the girl who transfer my call to another girl talking all about the cruise and what it offers. It sound too good to be true but u said why not let me keep listing to her crap which I did . I asked how you get my number she said that coz I have a good credit card score I was selected to go on this cruise . Honestly I started believing on this scam to be true. So they told me I need only to pay port taxes 59 per each which unfortunately I did. But she said I need to give a voice authorization so she transferred me to another guy who tried to sell me all the vouchers offer . I refused all of them and I told him I’m waiting for the confirmation that I have a reservation for the cruise . He said They working on it I was with him about an hour and told him don’t need any offer but the confirmation but he’s like don’t care what I said . I finally told him that I need to go and asked him to call me back with confirmation but he said it’s only a one time offer I told him I don’t have a choice I need to go he said on I’ll call you in a hour later . He never called and I found out I’ve been charged 118 dollars on my account but it still on pending status , I
    I went online and found out that everything linking to this call is a scam. The next morning I called my credit card company and cancels my card and tried to cancel that payment but they told me I have to call that company again and tell me to cancel. I got the phone number from my credit card company and I called and they told me my offer was canceled because I never authorize it and I’ll get my money back on 5 business days . I’m actually still waiting for that charge to be canceled coz it still pending on my account . But again I’m still confused and wonder if really a legit company or a scam coz it’s been running now more than 4 years and you have a number to contact them . If it was a scam you never get a way to call them . So I don’t know if I made the right choice to cancel or I should have gone with that opportunity and risk that 118 to see if it’s true

  • Carmen 10/7/2014

    Useful info. Lucky me I found your website by accident.

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