Adding Additional Items To A Sale Theme Save On Foods Example

Adding Additional Items To A Sale Theme Save On Foods Example

I decided to visit a Save On Foods today as they were have a $1.49 Tuesday special where I was actually interested in a lot of the items such as canned salmon. While I was expecting a lot of the good tuff to be one, what surprised me was that I saw these boxes of smores kits for $1.49 as well. These weren’t advertised on the flyer and based on the sign it seemed like it was a store specific manager’s special. To me it was clear that they needed to get rid of these and knowing there would be a ton of shoppers coming in for the $1.49 deal they decided to price it as such to encourage sales.

Hey, it worked on me as I know these things usually go for over $8 and I was actually thinking about it before. I guess for one thing that shows again how you an always find great unadvertised deals at stores. As well, just from a business point of view that is actually a smart thing to do where again they capitalized on the current sales theme knowing people are in a buying mindset at that price point. As to why they were clearing this out the expiry date appeared to be in mid October so it’s a lot easier to try and sell them now.

Even at a clearance price I don’t think they would normally go that low. Either way, I guess everyone wins in that case.

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