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Adapting Without Credit In General

There was a conversation today where a group of people were saying how dumping the credit card was the key to getting out of debt for them. As it turned out, every time they introduced the credit card back into their lives they ended up getting into some kind of debt.

With that thought the topic then swayed into a talk about credit in general and how you it forced them to learn to be resourceful without it as many of us grew up as if credit was the way to acquire your needs in life. I personally always did view credit as a privilege and not some kind of essential. Though, I personally use items like a credit card constantly and make a profit out of it because of the rewards.

I was trying to think of what was the hardest thing for me in life if I didn’t have say a credit card. Overall, it’s the sheer convenience of not having to carry so much cash all the time and that certain vendors, like an online store, is dependent on that payment method. If your answer is something like you can’t afford a certain item without it then you know your habits needs fixing. The key thing is to not be dependent on it first and foremost.

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