Actually Paying More In Hopes To Promote Competition
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Actually Paying More In Hopes To Promote Competition

It’s common to hear people wanting to support local businesses as theoretically by doing so the money you spend would be flowing around the community you live in which would mean everyone grows and prosper. This is versus a company that isn’t local and the profits then get sent off elsewhere. But what got me thinking was reading some comments about finding the cheapest Internet service provider where ultimately a lot of the small businesses actually lease lines from the bigger companies. So in a sense the big company still profits.

Not as much of course if the customer was to simply go through them directly instead of the reseller. In many cases the resellers would charge less than the provider’s standard rates but they simply can’t compete if the provider really wanted to get a customer back. Regardless, I was reading how some people would still pay more to go with the reseller in hopes that maybe one day they will become big enough to branch out on their own.

Would you ever have that mindset in this case? Because even I would say if that is the motivation the odds aren’t in the resellers’ favour. Most small businesses in these cases too from what I see simply want to make a living versus changing the world per se.

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