Actively Finding The Talent To Hire Versus Classified Ads

Actively Finding The Talent To Hire Versus Classified Ads

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Recently I was directly contacted by a few companies on whether or not I would be interested in helping them out with a project and I had to do some basic research about their offerings to see if there would be a fit. In doing so I accidentally stumbled upon their competitors who seemed to be looking for help as well for the same type of work. Except in this case they were just blindly posting classified ads in hopes to get applicants.

That’s what got me thinking business wise where this one company decided to just ask people who they felt could do the job where by default that should negate the process of interviewing someone to find out if they can even do the job in the first place as an example. Not many people do this though as the usual reasoning for it I hear is that they assume the person is going to say no if they are already established as an example.

Just from my personal experience, unless there is an extreme conflict or something is wrong with the business I usually prefer to accept projects this way when people approach me as an example. It usually makes the process easier where it’s more about price and availability. As well, I often assume that the party likes my work which actually is an incentive itself to say yes as you are more likely to have a better business relationship with people who know your past work. You have nothing to lose in my opinion too by not asking people whom you feel would be the perfect fit for your business..

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