Acknowledging The Holiday Before Business Talk

Acknowledging The Holiday Before Business Talk

It’s new years eve today as I am ready for 2022. Normally you would expect messages from people as well to celebrate the occasion. That’s what got me thinking as a person who I didn’t speak to much sent me a message where it wasn’t about New Years but rather he straight up asked if I was willing to help him for a project. I know they often say don’t mix personal with business, but I think in these cases it could come off the wrong way without greeting with the occasion in question.

It adds a level of personal touch where it comes across as you genuinely say care about the well being of the person versus treating them like a number of sort. I guess the best example would be if it’s knowingly a person’s birthday and your first message is to request they do you a favour that would definitely come across as selfish to most. A small greeting can go a long way in these cases.

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