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Accomplishing A Goal For 2015 By Meeting New People

Happy 2015 everyone. While hearing about people’s new year’s resolutions today one common wish I heard was how people were looking to partner with other people to accomplish goals. For example, if it was losing weight they were looking for a workout buddy. If it was starting a business it was trying to find the right people to work with. That then made me think how as simple as it may sound meeting new people can often be a key to obtaining a goal.

Example, if you are trying to change your financial habits then meeting new people who are frugal with their money can have its effect on you as well. I was thinking for myself, funny enough even though I have been blogging for over a decade I don’t think I have ever really met another blogger who I could say is a close friend. Or at the same time, someone I could collaborate with when it comes to writing. Kind of odd when I think about it considering blogging has enabled me to meet a lot of different people in general from whom I have learned a lot from while giving me opportunities to speak on other platforms too.

Maybe that is something I will do this year and that’s trying to meet other bloggers that write about business and finance topics too. Would be nice to find guest posters too as it sounds like a good way to learn more while giving others the opportunity to have a voice. 2015 is going to be fun.

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