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A Peculiar View To Undermine Money You Saved

Usually when you save money I would think it should be something that one should be proud about. In many ways too, with that success you should use it as confidence to be able to manage your money even better. Now recently I helped a family member save over $100 a month on their Internet and TV bill which should mean more money in their pocket. Almost an extra $1000 a year. However, she then told me that she wasn’t really saving any money by doing that as this month is tax filing time and she had to pay some income tax.

I was then asking how does that not mean she is saving money still? Like in this case, even with the income tax if she didn’t change Internet providers and such she would be paying the extra $100 a month on top of the income tax. She wouldn’t budge though as in her mind it seemed like unless she gained an extreme surplus of funds each and every month any kind of savings efforts is the same.

That is kind of a crazy attitude I think. If you save money it should be something that you acknowledge as a positive to demonstrate that there are ways for you to better control your spending habits. From there on, you can keep building that confidence and lifestyle to be debt free I think. Imagine if you recently got a raise at work and one month later you have to replace a broken microwave. Does that not sound silly to think that all the extra money you will make in a year means nothing because of that one time unforeseen incident?

It just reminds me more that even with things like money the way you think plays such a huge factor. More positivity about things that are going good for you and less emphasis on the setbacks.

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