A Meal or Dessert For Your Money
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A Meal or Dessert For Your Money

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The other day I saw a group of people bring back items from a gelato store where for the most part it is essentially ice cream. They bought this one product that was one scoop of ice cream placed in a small container and the cost of it was apparently five dollars. My immediate reaction was of course on how I can buy a complete meal for that amount of money.

I usually avoid desserts at restaurants since those items are insanely marked up. This sure makes you think about desserts of any kind. In this case I think you are paying mostly for the novelty as apparently the place has like over five hundred different flavors of ice cream. One person even commented that they could go even just go to like a Mcdonalds and get a large cup of ice cream and still save money.

For me anyways, if you are tight on a budget then you need to seriously consider how much other stuff you can buy for that same amount of money. It’s amazing how these things can add up when you look at it in the big picture. I am sure it tastes sweet, but once it is done it may leave a very bad taste financially.

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