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A Little Too Early For Boxing Day Pre Sale Campaigns

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I know in the US there are Black Friday sales coming up and surprisingly there are a ton of non US residents that are keeping track of what is going to be on sale there. Basically, for some people if the deal is worth it they will travel to make the purchase.

What surprised me is how some stores here are advertising its sales as a boxing day pre-sale already. For non Canadian readers, think of this day as the Black Friday here (Occurs on December 26th). I guess marketing wise some companies are really banking on the pre-programmed mentality that people have when it comes to shopping. So they figure if they throw in that term people will start coming in droves.

People are usually disappointed when they actually get to the store in these scenarios. Funny enough, some people actually buy something anyways as they feel silly for traveling and not returning with anything. Best just to wait for the real sales.

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