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YouTube Shooting Suspect Nasim Aghdam With Business Communication Thought

Nasim Aghdam

Today I read some sudden news on how apparently at the headquarters of YouTube there was a shooting that took place which resulted in deaths and injury. As I read the reports apparently the shooter took her own life during the incident and it wasn’t until later that it was identified as a person named Nasim Aghdam.

That’s when more details came out how she was apparently a creator on the platform that was very unhappy on how her videos were getting age restricted whereas many others weren’t. There has actually been a lot of dispute between YouTube and a lot of its creators recently such as them deciding that a large majority of people will no longer qualify for its partner program and as well people have been saying that large businesses are treated differently in terms of what is deemed as acceptable. Interestingly enough that was my first guess where this shooting was somehow related to all this as the timing was a bit coincidental.

It got me thinking because one criticism for YouTube has always been that its communication has been horrible with people in regards to things like its policies. Like in this case I was reading Nasim Aghdam’s comment how she felt she was specifically being targeted in a sense whereas from reading the experience of others that site has been doing a lot of unintentional things such as banning a bunch of channels which they say was an error eventually. So that made me wonder if this person’s situation was the same.

But from a business point of view do you ever think it’s your responsibility to be extremely transparent while communicating very well about issues to your base per se? Or do you see it as you will only tell them as little as possible such as a generic “we are looking into it “response? I guess this scenario is an over the top result on how upset people can get when you leave them in the dark as they will simply make assumptions.

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