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Your Social Media ID As A Business Card

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Today I met a bunch of people and the funny thing that I noticed was that so many professionals were now simply directing people to their social media profiles as a way to stay in contact with the people they meet as opposed to giving out say a business card. For example, if two people click and see that there may be some good opportunities in the future to do business they would ask things such as what is the person’s twitter profile and then proceed to follow each other.

This probably wouldn’t have worked as well a few years ago as even to this date not everyone has a social media account whereas a business card has things like a phone number which it’s highly likely that most people can use. That made me think too how many people use social media as a way to simply share fun and personal things. But if you are using it for business too then you probably don’t want to post an update about the latest bachelor party you attended for example.

Then again, it’s a people business and so in many ways showing your personality can be a good way to show others that they are dealing with a real person that people can relate to. You could argue that as a result having and sharing a social media profile is a competitive edge. Just need to keep in mind to post responsibly.

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