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Your Knowledgeable Hobby Buddies

Would you ever think that a group of people you simply hangout with for fun activities can also be a good source of answers and solution for your professional life as well? That’s what happened to a person I know today as he was looking to find some work in a specific field and it just happened that a person in the mix specializes in the same industry and was well connected. That got a reaction how he didn’t think the people in this group would have these kinds of positions or knowledge.

That got him to ask other people out of curiosity. Sure enough, it seemed like everyone had a pretty successful background to the point where you could probably start a business with the skill that everyone had combined. I guess sometimes we tend to forget that we are all regular people and enjoy doing things just like everyone else regardless of what their professional life is. That kind of brings up the point too on how you just never know what kind of significance the people you meet can play in your life. So be nice to everyone. 🙂

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