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Your Friends And Family As Unexpected Sales People

I found this funny the other day as I was just at the mall with some family members where we were there just to kill some time. It seemed like every store we went to it was suggested to me that I should buy this or that and it wasn’t from the store workers but rather the people I was with. It’s like almost every other thing they saw they were suggesting how it was a great deal or asking if I could use something like that to justify the purchase.

Thank goodness I am one of those in and out shoppers usually as this kind of made me think stereotypically how say female shoppers walk out of the mall each time with hundreds of dollars worth of clothing as I am sure the scenario is similar where they each tell each other how great something is. It seemed like the best answer for all this was to say I saw better deals elsewhere which then made everyone say its better to wait. :mrgreen:

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