The Yearly Options When You Are Not Sure About Subscription Fees
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The Yearly Options When You Are Not Sure About Subscription Fees

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I was thinking of enrolling in a mailbox service this year and I was looking at the plans available. While I am not sure how much I will necessarily use it the fee structures made me think if sometimes just signing up for the full year just makes more sense just in case. There was basically a plan where you could sign up for six months that was $88. You could also sign up for a year and that was $144. So you would of course save money with the yearly rate. Would you be inclined to do that just in case you need the full year?

In my mind the yearly rate made more sense as odds are I will keep using it and the risk seems higher where I will end up having to pay more after. I can see the other side as well where people would say if you don’t then you end up wasting a lot of money. To justify this usually have a backup and in this case I could think of someone who could use it. So overall it made sense.

Sometimes with the price difference I think businesses just do it on purpose where they make the difference so big that it seems silly not to choose the yearly plan. Would be like paying 5$ for 200g of an item or $10 for 2kg. It just makes more sense at times to go with the maximum option and then think of ways to distribute it to others if needed I feel.

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