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Once A Year Big Spending or Not

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Recently a person was telling how she goes into so much debt this month because for some reason so many people have birthdays and other events that it makes her feel like she needs to get them something good or to dine out at a fancy place. This puts her in a tight financial situation for the month. While you could say just don’t spend more than her means the justification was that it’s once a year for each person. Would that warrant going into personal debt for that I thought?

While I am sure most people would like to receive a nice gift I was just thinking if I was the recipient and I was fully aware that the person giving the gift went into say debt over it I would say don’t buy it. Regardless if it is once a year the amount the person may have to pay which can drastically effect their overall financial health isn’t worth it in my mind.

In many ways it’s almost like we need to re-train ourselves that going into debt or spending money that we don’t really have is somehow okay. If you have it then great. But regardless if it is once a year that one moment shouldn’t ruin the rest of the year for you financially.

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