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Would You Throw Away A Large Store Credit

I was told of an interesting scenario the other day where a few years back a person purchased an extended warranty from an electronic store for the TV they bought. The difference here was that the extended warranty in this case was in some ways refundable. Basically, if you don’t end up using the warranty then the store allows you to use that fund on a future purchase for X amount of days with a minimum purchase. So in like this case the person would have to buy a $300+ item within a week to get a $150 credit.

I was thinking too where for his situation he didn’t actually need anything. So if anything while you could say that’s $150 he is throwing away it can ultimately mean him spending more than he intended. What a tricky situation this puts people in to spend more money huh? I think in this situation I would be more inclined to try and find someone else to use the credit. Could make for a good birthday gift or something maybe?

Almost no different than a gift card when you think about it. That way, you don’t spend anymore and someone gets a really good gift where technically you don’t have to spend more money for this year either.

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