Would You Pretend To Be Poor
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Would You Pretend To Be Poor

Would you ever pretend to be poor if you really weren’t? That was an interesting question that I heard today. Surprisingly a lot of people said yes as they prefer not to draw all the attention that having a lot of money usually attracts. The funny thing too was that some said by pretending to be poor you can often get better deals as people don’t feel that they can get a lot of money out of you to up-sell you on various things. So instead they simply present with you the bare-bone necessities on many things.

That is kind of funny I thought as I think it would be the opposite where if many people think that you have a lot of money they will go out of their way to try and give you better deals in hopes that you will keep returning to them with more odds that you will make big purchases with them. I suppose it comes down to what your local community is like. For example, I’m sure in a more populated area everyone will try to appease what appears to be a wealthier person versus a more rural area, so to speak.

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