Would You Buy This Vitamix 750 for $400
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Would You Buy This Vitamix 750 for $400

One thing about being a bargain hunter and always wanting best deals is that it can be so tempting to jump on a deal when you see a crazy price. I am still in the market for a good blender but as usual I was waiting for sale. Then today I saw that there was a way to get this Vitamix 750 which normally costs about $700 for about $400 with a discount.


Generally speaking that is still a pretty hefty price for a blender I was thinking. But getting it for like $300 off? You can imagine the conflict here where in some ways I feel silly not to take advantage of it. I can see someone who was specifically looking this product would probably give me grief all day about it as they would have jumped on it in an instant. I’m almost inclined just to do it as there is an easy return policy. Just the irony at times where you do all this stuff to save money and you can end up paying more than you anticipated due to finding a crazy deal.

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