Would Giving A Coupon As A Gift Be Bad
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Would Giving A Coupon As A Gift Be Bad

Not really sure why I thought of this recently where I noticed bunch of companies were having promotions where if you buy X amount of products they would in return give you a digital coupon to use for a retail business. This wasn’t a small amount too as it was $50 off. I was then thinking, it’s not uncommon to give people actual money or gift cards as a present. So if someone gave you a high valued coupon at one of your favorite stores would you be inclined to appreciate it just as much as plain money or a gift card?

I was thinking about this and odds are people would probably call you cheap or assume this is just something you got for free. It’s funny when you think about it as many times people get gift cards for free and they give it away to people as gifts. People have no hesitation in placing a decent value to it. I guess you can say we are just too used to thinking coupons as some kind of thing that only poor people use from the newspapers.

To me though, if someone gave me line a $50 coupon/e-code for sites like Amazon then I would value it just as if I was given money. The main iffy party would be if I was told I would have to use the coupon within a week. Then that would make it feel like no thought was placed in the gift or that it was a coupon that the public has open access to.

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