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Worst Air Quality In The World Within Vancouver BC Readiness

worst air quality in vancouver bc

It seems like with wildfires coming from the US the air quality has been really poor here lately. On top of that, yesterday evening there was a large fire at the park which seemed to have made the situation so much worst. Every air quality monitoring site rated Vancouver Canada as having the worst air pollution in the world at the moment. That is crazy to think about.

How does this relate to things like a business or financial management? For health reasons a ton of companies actually can’t have workers go outside. Especially people like the mailman who would normally be walking outside all day long. I even know a person who usually goes around and fixes machines that can’t go out due to having things like asthma. How would you ever prepare for something like this? Would you ever stock up on things like respirators?

That then got me to think as I was reading how people were scrambling to buy air purifiers too regardless of how much a company is marking them up. Virtually in the same fashion when we had hand sanitizer and toilet paper shortage. Many people prepare for things like an earthquake with insurance. But for things like this I can imagine it is under most people’s radar until it actually happens. It can sure cost you too huh? This year is all about adapting it seems.

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